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This is horrible. Where is the outcry from America over the violence in South Africa?

Originally posted on footsyinspain:

I had a farm in Africa.   South Africa.  A game farm.  That took guests.   Paradise.

A happy place where the staff sang and laughed and giggled as they went about their various duties, and visitors returned, time and time again to relax at the poolside, wander or ride over the veld, getting up close and personal to Springbok, blesbok, wilderbeest, gnu, zebra, and always the chance of surprising a family of meercats, a foraging porcupine, a stately Secretary bird or even a prowling linx.   Otters cruised the river, Dassies (Hyrax) sunbathed amongst the koppies, spoonbill, giant heron, Egyptian geese visited the dam (and ate my koi, the buggers)  and my early morning call was the ching ching  of a family of guiney fowl perched on the window sill, beady eyed for their breakfast handout.

We virtually gave that farm away.   No one with any sense would buy our farm.   Neighbours were being picked off, one by one.   Murdered for a handful of silver and a cell phone.   One dear old friend…

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  1. J.G.Lord
    Nov 27, 2012 @ 05:33:35

    There is no out cry for America as a whole doe not know. Just there is no reporting on the Gaza strip so it goes with this. We are not informed by the press we are isolated into pockets or locals given only what is chosen for us by the media groups in control.Sound insane? how many distance channels can one get? How much news are we allowed to really see or hear? We are spoon fed what they want.


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