VIDEOS: New Benghazi Talking Points Spin From White House – FOX News & ABC’s Jon Karl

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While we were working….

It seems that this afternoon White House Flack Jay Carney and ABC’s Jon Karl got into it over the newest spin the White House is putting on the emails Judicial Watch managed to get from them in relation to Benghazi.  As Bret Baier put it, Jay Carney’s answers as to what the emails were about were “surreal”.  It seems he’s been sipping too much of the Kool-Aid.

The video here is long, but worth it for the analysis.  As Krauthammer put it, it’s a cover-up of a cover-up.  To paraphrase a famous movie about White House scandals, these are not very smart guys and things got out of hand.

As for today’s fireworks:

BTW, a whole lot of people owe Mike Morrell an apology.  He was used as a scapegoat and a whole lot of people fell for it.

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  1. Annie
    May 01, 2014 @ 21:46:56

    Did you see Charles Krauthammer’s response to this? I think he was spot on: or

    One of the above should work, or jus check the video on You Tube Charles Krauthammer: Newly Released Benghazi tapes

    Have a Lienenkeugal Red or Blue Moon!


  2. kelihasablog
    May 06, 2014 @ 16:47:39

    Oh you know I love this! So glad Gowdy gets to be in charge. I just love his style!!


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