[Video] Andrew Klavan: Thanks, Christian White Men!

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Ratsy, I have been speaking out for years about this mess. One of my favorite things to do is tune up progressives who are perched on a barstool next to me when they are cackling about who built this nation. I just ask who were the folks who put pen to paper? Why was it not until the 1700’s that this great experiment was put into place? No other people or nation ever attempted this Divinely inspired concept. Dang white Christian dudes~

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With “Thanks, Christian White Men!” Andrew Klavan once again hits the nail on the head. He has been taking the fight to our liberal friends and colleagues in a humorous, but factual, manner for quite some time and he’s definitely not afraid to tell it like it is while doing so.

As a society, and as a culture, we have become so constrained by the chains of political correctness and endlessly cowed by the various isms of the liberal ideology that we have forgotten our own history and lost the ability to discern historical fact from fiction. The endless self-shaming that men, Christians, and all those cursed with skin of a slighter lighter hue are now expected to feel and display has become part and parcel of a college education and even, to a great and growing extent, of popular culture.

If one does not properly express perpetual apologies and…

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Lauren Bacall Passes

 “The smoky-voiced movie legend who taught Humphrey Bogart how to whistle in “To Have and Have Not,” has died at the age of 89, according to her family.

Her death was confirmed by Robbert de Klerk, the co-managing partner of the Humphrey Bogart Estate with her son Stephen Bogart.

“She passed away peacefully earlier today in New York,” according to family, De Klerk said”



Man, I always had a crush on this lady. I remember she had a re occurring  role on the Rockford Files.


Screw The Prez

This is short and to the point. Robin Williams dies, and Obama instantly has a press release. An American hero sits in a Mexican jail, and still not a peep from the Chief Ass. Like my title says….Screw the Prez!

Croatia Thanks The Veterans For Freedom And Dawn Of Democracy

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Defending freedom - Croat defenders 1991 - 1995

Defending freedom – Croat defenders 1991 – 1995

Croatian War of Independence (1991 – 1995) – The Storm Of Victory
Video tribute to Croatian veterans and Operation Storm with “Brothers in Arms” – Dire Straits music:

Today, August 5, Croatia commemorates the Day of Victory and Homeland Gratitude and the Day of Croatian Defenders, the day when 19 years ago its military and police forces regained control of most of the Serb occupied territory in the legendary military offensive Operation Storm.

Operation Storm restored Croatian sovereignty over nearly a fifth of the country’s territory, occupied by Serb terrorising, murderous rebels backed by the Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) from Serbia in 1991. Operation Storm, along with Operation Flash (Western Slavonia part of Croatia) successfully launched in May 1995, crushed the Serb forces and thus ended the military part of Homeland War in August 1995.

After the four years of occupation, shelling…

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The Legal Finacial Rewards Of Illgeal Immigration

For the longest time, I have been unable to figure out the reason why many self glossed conservative, or patriotic politicians are in support of granting amnesty for illegal aliens, and who are unwilling to fight to close our borders. Even during the ongoing War on Islamic Terror. But I now know why. I am going to list names of individuals, and companies that use federal dollars to grow their wealth; Dollars that are coming via federal departments such as I.C.E. Like Dirty Harry stated so well; “A man has got to know his limitations”, and I do. My article will not be the best written or laid out, but it will contain enough information to get the more talented writers who are nice enough to read my scribblings write their own material. So let me crank my tractor over and get to seeding my field of information. I do want to thank Michael Savage for his broadcast that gave me the name of Norman Carlson and A.L.E.C. This got my Hillbilly wheels a spinning.

I am going to kick the trip off The Palm Aire Hotel. Wackenhut Corporation, and its G.E.O. company. GEO has received roughly 900 million from ICE over the years. Now think about the term Prisons for profit, Norman Carlson, and the American Legislative Exchange Council. Here are some hedge funds that will be a blast researching: Black Rock fund Advisors, River Road Asset Management, Eagle Asset Management, and Carlson Asset Management. Oh, a few more; Black Rock Institute, Hotchkis and Wiley, Vanguard Group. They are making money off of GEO stocks.

More companies: ishares corporation and ishares Russell 2000. Vanguard Small Index Fund, and Total Stock Market Fund. Now remember GEO? one of their board of directors is Norman Carlson. Former director of federal prisons. Remember A.L.E.C.? They key funders are David and Charles Koch. They are also big donors to the G.O.P.

Like I said, the above info ain’t very well organized. I did not fancy it up with all my awe schucks Hillbilly terminology. And please visit Dr. Michael Savage’s website where he lays this out in words like only he can!

Some Say Hawks are Sacred Birds~

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Visionaries, carrying messages from the spirit world.
I think they are protectors,
watching over me from up high.
Sometimes a thrill, they let me get close!
But quickly they fly.
Protecting the earth,
from the sky!
Cheers to you from the sacred Protectors~

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Last Crew Member of Enola Gay Dies in Georgia

Last Crew Member of Enola Gay Dies in Georgia.

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