Who Is Behind Scary Barry?

This comes via Logistics Monster.



Globalist Reference

For those looking for more information on the globalist web that surrounds us, please check out the ‘Noose’ articles and the articles listed below. I will continue to add to the list. Your focus of education should be on The Federal Reserve System that allows our government to run in the red, the debt they create for us (interest), the United Nations with their climate change agenda, Codex Alimentarius that will control our food, Agenda 21 with it’s enforced ‘livable communities’ and transnational companies like Monsanto and anybody that is Big Pharma. These are the key players.

Here are some applicable articles and websites:

U.S. Education Secretary Vows to Make American Children ‘Good Environmental Citizens’

One World Trust – Making Global Governance More Accountable

The Chicago Council On Global Affairs (The Chicago CFR)

The Money Masters (3-1/2 Hour Documentary on the history of money and central banks)

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