The Nightmare Act



     Barack Obama and his allies in Congress are now resorting to extortion when it comes to granting Amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Their latest ploy? Give us Amnesty and then we’ll “talk” about constraining our out-of-control spending.     Seriously… We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.

     According to the Washington Examiner: “[Senator Dick] Durbin told Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) on Fox Sunday News program that if the GOP passed the DREAM Act, Democrats would be more willing to talk about reducing the country’s spending habit.”

     Durbin added that when it comes to granting Amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, “we’re not giving up” because NOT pushing the so-called DREAM Act down the throats of the American people “isn’t what the American people want us to do. It isn’t the American way.”

     And Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid chimed in on the DREAM Act as well and said that it’s time to “rise up” and that the DREAM Act is “good for everybody.”

     No Harry, it really isn’t. The American people have rejected it time and again. Yet, you still continue on and on about it like a broken record.

     The DREAM Act is still bad for America, no matter how many times Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Dick Durbin try to ram it down our throats.

How Many Times Must We Fight This Battle?

     The DREAM Act, like just about every other piece of legislation proposed by the radical left, is nothing less than snake oil.

     On the surface, it sounds so caring… so good. Liberals preach to us that the DREAM Act is all about “helping people” and “providing a safety net.”

     Harry Reid tells us that his DREAM Act is simply a means for the children of illegal aliens to further their education.

     He admonishes us that it’s simply not right to “punish” children for the “sins” of their parents.

     But, as you should already know, what Harry Reid says and what is actually written in his legislation are often two entirely different things. And by now, we shouldn’t have to tell you what’s wrong with Harry Reid’s so-called DREAM Act. You already know that it’s a NIGHTMARE.

     In short, Harry Reid’s DREAM Act is just one more stealth attempt (in a long line of stealth attempts) to trick the American people into granting Amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

     It’s an insult to hard-working Americans who play by the rules and submit themselves to the law and it’s a slap in the face to the tens-of-thousands of people who come to our shores LEGALLY each and every year.

     Harry Reid’s DREAM Act can be stopped… it must be stopped… and only you can stop it by taking action now.

The DREAM Act Is Not Really Just for Children… IT GRANTS AMNESTY TO ADULTS.

     If past versions of Harry Reid’s DREAM Act are any litmus to gauge what pro-amnesty advocates have in store for us, then buckle your seatbelts… we’re in for a bumpy ride.

     DREAM Act proponents pitch it as a means to legitimize the immigration status of the children of illegal aliens and grant those children residency and a path to citizenship as long as they attend college or enter the armed forces.

     But the reality is this: The DREAM Act is not really for children… IT WOULD GRANT AMNESTY TO MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIEN ADULTS AS WELL.

Previous incarnations of the DREAM Actspecifically stipulated that anyone under the age of 35, who has resided illegally in the United States for at least five years, was eligible for amnesty under the Act. DREAM also stipulated that the applicant only need be “admitted” to an institution of higher learning.

 And, moreover, once an application was submitted, the applicant was given six years of permanent residence in the United States.

      But, here’s the big loophole that no one wanted to discuss back then. The version of the DREAM Act that Reid and Durbin pushed last fall did not actually require an amnesty applicant to produce valid evidence that he or she met the above criteria.

     In other words… any applicant, under the age of 35, who had resided in this country for five years simply needed to enroll for a course at the local community college and bingo… they were in.

     Of course, if the applicant had just crossed the border a few days prior… or if the applicant was actually over the age of 35… or if the applicant didn’t want to go through the hassle of actually attending classes at the local community college…. that wasn’t a problem… the applicant simply had to lie.

     No one was going to check.

     But wait… there’s more. As previously stated, the last incarnation of the DREAM Act was a backdoor Amnesty for an even greater number of illegal aliens.

     Mark Krikorian, writing in National Review Online, put the issue in perspective: “And for those who say the DREAM Act would be a small amnesty, for just a handful of ‘kids,’ the Migration Policy Institute, a pro-amnesty outfit, has estimated that 2.1 million illegal immigrants could benefit from it.”

     But the estimate of 2.1 million was just the tip of the iceberg, because once you awarded these “kids” a path to citizenship, welfare benefits and in-state tuition (legal aliens, by the way typically pay out-of-state tuition), we would have also given them the “right” to sponsor large numbers of their family members.

     Essentially, the DREAM Act was (and still is) a back-door amnesty for just about every illegal alien presently in the United States and the millions who are just waiting to sneak across the border.

The DREAM Act Stinks To High Heaven

     Using children as unwitting pawns in a devious game of political chess proves once again how low Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and the pro-amnesty lobby are willing to sink to get their way.

     The American people have rejected the DREAM Act on a number of occasions over the last several years. One would at least think that Reid and Durbin would have the decency to put their garbage on ice.

     But true to form, these liberals never give up. Like the Energizer Bunny, they just keep going and going and going, oblivious to the fact that the American people have already said “NO” to amnesty.

     Of course, is that not how they always behave? When Reid tried to ram his DREAM Act down our throats during last fall’s lame duck session of Congress, Arizona Republican Rep. Jeff Flake said that “it was written as if the election in November never happened.”

     Rush Limbaugh said: “They know exactly what they’re doing, they’re not tone deaf. They didn’t miss anything. These people are bitter. They are bitter at having been defeated, and this is their revenge.”

     Limbaugh added: “They don’t care about the country. This is all about them. It is all about the last gasp opportunity they have to infect and poison this country with their ideology and their ideas. They are destroying and hijacking this country right in front of our eyes. … They don’t care, folks, they don’t care about the country, and they don’t care about you.”

     And it would appear that they’re still bitter. It’s time to spike the DREAM Act once and for all.

Yours In Freedom,

Jeff Mazzella
Center for Individual Freedom

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