Congressional workplace sexting – your tax dollars HARD at work (via Uppity Woman)

Well, as we have all heard, Anthony Weiner has been picked on his whole life because of his last name.  Even now, as an adult, people are hacking into his social media accounts and sending lewd photos of – well, a Weiner he doesn't recognize.  Here is Weiner so convincingly disavowing any knowledge of these terrible acts, although he is aware that these bad things go on in the world of social media.  And gosh, now they got HIM.  Probably because … Read More

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Modesto rental owner registry mulled – Government –

Modesto rental owner registry mulled – Government –

The main issue is not what the vacant property looks like, but the
crime that comes when the occupants leave. The city does not need any
new regulations, but probably need to enforce the ones that already are
on the books. People need to be more willing to confront unruly renters
in their neighborhood. Many times, folks will turn their music down
when asked. If there are crimes being committed  people need to not only call police, but also let it be known that they were the ones who called.

If the city is going to over regulate rental properties, it won’t be long until they do the same to the home owners: Not good

California Governor Urged To Fund Student Tracking System (via CBS Sacramento)

Waste of money tracking the students. As for tracking teacher’s performance? Then what, the union won’t let anything happen to one of their own, even if they are horrible at the job.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A California lawmaker and prominent business group are calling on Gov. Jerry Brown to restore funding to develop statewide data systems to track student and teacher performance. State Sen. Joe Simitian and the Bay Area Council on Monday urged the Democratic governor not to cut funding for the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System, CALPADS, and its sister program to track teacher performance, CALTIDES. They sa … Read More

via CBS Sacramento

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