Hypocrites Are The Worst

I just received information yesterday that a local blog site was allowing a regular poster to pass himself off as me. They are using names similar to mine, and using my picture. While the name does not resemble mine, the picture does. The owner/moderator of the site Emerson Drake, has made claims that he has no idea who the guy is, which is false, and he claims I am engaging in the same behavior here. Wrong. I posted a picture from his childhood. I never once said I was Emerson Drake. Why would I? It is a fact that he is a  liar and hypocrite. He created, then deleted, a blog that made false claims against me; such as I was a child molester. He has also has attacked a local woman with claims she is on unemployment, as a way to marginalize her. And it was his wife; Gaetana Seres Drake, who at the time was on unemployment! Nice guy, a  misogynist  too.

I highly recommend the folks that live in Modesto and are active in the community; beware of Emerson Drake. The guy tries to pass himself off as community betterment advocate, but his intentions are more nefarious; He is still trying to seek revenge on those who arrested him for illegal pot growing, and cultivation.

Looks as though Emerson’s wife is just Gaetana, not Gaetana-Seres Drake. But that was a mistake by me, unlike when Emerson posted, then erased falsehoods about my brother. What’s the matter fat boy, still pissed because you have been shown to be a liar and hypocrite.? What are you going to do Emerson? Why don’t you just come clean and I will leave you alone.

So this now not so little fellow ain’t so innocent.

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  1. lklin1
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 15:58:30

    I watched the exchange of posts that are going back and forth on The Hive. I went and checked out that blogsite (I will not join it for obvious reasons). Why that type of behavior is tolerated is beyond me….


  2. curiousobserver95356
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 21:50:21

    People have a right to defend themselves against character assassination and defamation of character. I support any and all attempts by people who want to clear their name against anonymous hatemongers who spread malicious rumours and lies about people.


  3. Robert Stanford
    Jun 16, 2011 @ 18:13:11

    I concur with Curious Observer – but I would add that I think all of this is going too far – I would really like to see, at the very least, one party ignore the other, for then it would become obvious to all who the real victim(s) in this situation are.

    As it stands now, it looks more like a tit for tat thing.

    Let freedom of speech ring. Obviously it is too late for me…..


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