Is Hades Freezing Over?

Is it? No, but one might think so after reading this. My former foe, and local activist. Robert Stanford, who I disagree with on some issue, is called many things by many folks, but hypocrite is not one of them. I have mat and talked with the man, and the guy does not waver when it comes to his words and his actions. Lately, Robert spoke his thoughts about a local radio show, which happens to have an audience of 40 people on a good day. On of the gas bags who babble there daily, Emerson Drake; see the picture below, was not happy about Robert airing his criticism on a blog that Drake moderates. Of course, once I point out the fact that Drake would do this constantly on The Modesto Bee‘s site, and the Bee hardly ever, put a stop to it. Even when Drake would say some pretty nasty stuff about The Bee’s staff.

Well, Robert had informed me that his account was banned, and his posts removed. Then it was brought to my attention that Drake did a U-turn, and said Robert was never banned, and his post were removed by a ghost, by mistake! Then the normal attack on me began. So here you go Drake, because I know you, or Gaetana read my blog. Your invitation to speak to me, in public, is nothing more than a set-up.  You would be trying to provoke me into a physical confrontation, one that would result in you being knocked into the middle of next week. You know what you did on The Eye on Modesto blog you created, then deleted, because you are a hypocrite, and  a liar. You created a phony friendship with Robert, helped him with his campaign, and then talked ill of him on the radio, when you thought the mike was off. Let’s add classless to your personal resume too.

So I wish you, Robert, all the best in all you endeavors, and though we might not be from the same camp in politics, you are still a man of your word.

Me name is Emerson Drake. Me lies about others, and publish falsehoods because they point out me lies and me hypocrisy. I be a bad boy, and even worse adult. 😦

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