Is Hades Freezing Over?

Is it? No, but one might think so after reading this. My former foe, and local activist. Robert Stanford, who I disagree with on some issue, is called many things by many folks, but hypocrite is not one of them. I have mat and talked with the man, and the guy does not waver when it comes to his words and his actions. Lately, Robert spoke his thoughts about a local radio show, which happens to have an audience of 40 people on a good day. On of the gas bags who babble there daily, Emerson Drake; see the picture below, was not happy about Robert airing his criticism on a blog that Drake moderates. Of course, once I point out the fact that Drake would do this constantly on The Modesto Bee‘s site, and the Bee hardly ever, put a stop to it. Even when Drake would say some pretty nasty stuff about The Bee’s staff.

Well, Robert had informed me that his account was banned, and his posts removed. Then it was brought to my attention that Drake did a U-turn, and said Robert was never banned, and his post were removed by a ghost, by mistake! Then the normal attack on me began. So here you go Drake, because I know you, or Gaetana read my blog. Your invitation to speak to me, in public, is nothing more than a set-up.  You would be trying to provoke me into a physical confrontation, one that would result in you being knocked into the middle of next week. You know what you did on The Eye on Modesto blog you created, then deleted, because you are a hypocrite, and  a liar. You created a phony friendship with Robert, helped him with his campaign, and then talked ill of him on the radio, when you thought the mike was off. Let’s add classless to your personal resume too.

So I wish you, Robert, all the best in all you endeavors, and though we might not be from the same camp in politics, you are still a man of your word.

Me name is Emerson Drake. Me lies about others, and publish falsehoods because they point out me lies and me hypocrisy. I be a bad boy, and even worse adult. 😦

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  1. Robert Stanford
    Jun 16, 2011 @ 18:31:16

    It makes me uncomfortable seeing that picture up there. One party should take the high road and leave some things where they belong.

    I honestly don’t know what the situation is at the Voice of Modesto, some say that I flaunted some plans too much for starting my own blog and starting back up my radio show and that this made Sabatino nervous, angry or what have you.

    The site’s moderator says that he knows for a fact that I was not banned and that he checked and my login works – though I have two – one is a regular login that I used at first. I personally have not retried that one – the other is the one that I use called OpenID – this login ties into my yahoo mail account and is now not working specifically for me on the Swarm Blog – and the only way I could know that is to know my password.

    Also within like a half hour, all of my posts that I have put up (taking a great deal of precious time, mind you) have vanished.

    I don’t know what the situation is, but I am quicker to believe that Carmen had someone other than Emerson, if it even was Carmen himself dust my existence.

    I would really like to see everyone get along.

    I am sorry that I myself have not set a better example.

    I also would like to say that that I did post some horrible things about Carmen and I deserved to get banned if that is what happened. I really do not know for sure.

    What is important is that we come together. I know that Emerson is enraged whenever I mention befriending Heaton – but it is the right thing to do and I believe would benefit all parties involved.

    When I talked to Emerson on the phone – I got an earful of this war between John and Em – and it is sad.

    I bet if one of you were to take the high road – many would benefit from what would transpire.

    As far as the Swarm – Honestly, I have suspicions because I see contradictions, but if they did in fact ban me – it was probably in the best interests of their audience and themselves – I was out of line.

    I don’t know what it is that we are all trying to prove. But I believe that God wants us to work together for the greater good. I hope that we can do that some day.

    Divided We Stand; Together We Rise


  2. emersond
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 08:24:33

    Are you talking about this little gem?

    Submitted by stanford4modesto on Wed, 06/15/2011 – 09:46
    • General Debate
    I don’t know if you are still accepting my emails – but I thought I would give you a little piss and vinegar for your day today!
    1. What’s wrong with you – you sound like a senile old man that’s a retired teacher – you sound tired, dull and repetative.
    2. For God’s sake, you better make an outline for your show, or I will make on for you post production and point out every little thing that is wrong and sloppy about your episodes.
    3. The past two shows – monday and tuesday sucked the big 10 inch. BOOOOOOOring. very BOOOOOOOOring. Please – you can’t do better than that?
    4. Thanks for not mentioning my name or talking about me on your show – if you need to because of something pertinant than that is fine, but otherwise don’t do me any favors – people get confused when they think that we like eachother or something.
    5. Your definitions and anecdotal quips and stories about the homeless are pathetic and make you look like a moron.
    6. You really need to be able to back your stuff up – even if you don’t have to show it – case in point – in two episodes you mentioned 5 count them 1 2 3 4 5 – about the lady that asked harden what to do about pan handlers and then her vivid description of smelly people or something like that – please – few believe that is factual – they think you are embellishing – people normally think that liars often repeat themselves.
    7. You waste too much time preaching and validating morality – obviously you don’t have enough material then to fill the 1 hour – why don’t you just cut your show to 15 min and just talk about the news.
    8. Stop pushing the Modesto Bee – Martha was right – you state that the Bee is unreliable and then you stand on it as proof when convenient – but that could be ok – since it certainly seems to fit your wallowing and gout ridden state of essence that the public has come to know so well.
    9. Keep your war stories to a segment of the hour – don’t spread the manure too thin throughout the entire show – once again – some things are obvious because you lack substance:
    a. you are not prepared (disrespectful)
    b. you snipe people (don’t question fair’s religious commitment – let it show it’self by the suspension of his church’s irs recognition)
    c. Stop telling people what they allready know and preaching to them –
    d. Stop saying that the Bee is ignoring you – not everyone is going to think this gives you any credibility – just the opposite.
    e. Stop making so many generalizations – it’s like you are chanting under your breath – “must pad the show – must pad the show”
    f. Get organized with some data and scan stuff like I do – then when you talk about it – refer them to the VOM for the proof – don’t expect people to take your word for anything – few trust you that much (anymore – mostly because of many of the things I have cited here, which I guess is better than being caught in a lie).
    And finally.
    Other than the last two shows you have been doing really good – maybe you should just give the whole thing over to Emerson – go climb a mountain and die like a good indian – stop being a nuisance to your community.
    Looking forward to today’s show –
    Keep up the good work!


  3. emersond
    Aug 11, 2011 @ 08:17:32

    leave emerson alone, he is a genius


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