An Open Letter To Emerson Drake And Carmen Sabatino From Robert Stanford

Great letter Robert. So good in fact, I am sending it to the members of the Modesto City council!

By Robert Stanford of Modesto:
I don’t know if you are still accepting my emails – but I thought I would give you a little piss and vinegar for your day today!
1. What’s wrong with you – you sound like a senile old man that’s a retired teacher – you sound tired, dull and repetative.
2. For God’s sake, you better make an outline for your show, or I will make on for you post production and point out every little thing that is wrong and sloppy about your episodes.
3. The past two shows – monday and tuesday sucked the big 10 inch. BOOOOOOOring. very BOOOOOOOOring. Please – you can’t do better than that?
4. Thanks for not mentioning my name or talking about me on your show – if you need to because of something pertinant than that is fine, but otherwise don’t do me any favors – people get confused when they think that we like eachother or something.
5. Your definitions and anecdotal quips and stories about the homeless are pathetic and make you look like a moron.
6. You really need to be able to back your stuff up – even if you don’t have to show it – case in point – in two episodes you mentioned 5 count them 1 2 3 4 5 – about the lady that asked harden what to do about pan handlers and then her vivid description of smelly people or something like that – please – few believe that is factual – they think you are embellishing – people normally think that liars often repeat themselves.
7. You waste too much time preaching and validating morality – obviously you don’t have enough material then to fill the 1 hour – why don’t you just cut your show to 15 min and just talk about the news.
8. Stop pushing the Modesto Bee – Martha was right – you state that the Bee is unreliable and then you stand on it as proof when convenient – but that could be ok – since it certainly seems to fit your wallowing and gout ridden state of essence that the public has come to know so well.
9. Keep your war stories to a segment of the hour – don’t spread the manure too thin throughout the entire show – once again – some things are obvious because you lack substance:
a. you are not prepared (disrespectful)
b. you snipe people (don’t question fair’s religious commitment – let it show it’self by the suspension of his church’s irs recognition)
c. Stop telling people what they allready know and preaching to them –
d. Stop saying that the Bee is ignoring you – not everyone is going to think this gives you any credibility – just the opposite.
e. Stop making so many generalizations – it’s like you are chanting under your breath – “must pad the show – must pad the show”
f. Get organized with some data and scan stuff like I do – then when you talk about it – refer them to the VOM for the proof – don’t expect people to take your word for anything – few trust you that much (anymore – mostly because of many of the things I have cited here, which I guess is better than being caught in a lie).
And finally.
Other than the last two shows you have been doing really good – maybe you should just give the whole thing over to Emerson – go climb a mountain and die like a good indian – stop being a nuisance to your community.
Looking forward to today’s show –
Keep up the good work!

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