BY Executive Order, Put Down that Twinkie! (via Indyfromaz's Blog: The Thoughts of An Independent Arizonan)

During the Health Care "debate" last year I joked about the government coming for your twinkies and wanting to regulate what you eat, since it would impact their Health Care costs when the government takes over your Health Care under the guise of  "qualified plans". (i.e. if your plan changes and the government doesn't like the change it's no longer "qualified" and thus subject to ObamaCare regulations) So quick but important diversion on an Obam … Read More

via Indyfromaz's Blog: The Thoughts of An Independent Arizonan

Voice Of Modesto/The Swarm Allows Literary Theft

Why does this surprise me. I wrote an article titled “Me For President.” And it did not take long for it to appear in full,  sans permission and link, on The Swarm, which is moderated, and probably partly owned by Emerson Drake of Modesto. That’s right, the same fat dude that stole from MID, helping to drive up rates.

Will the article be properly linked and posted? Probably not. This guy is not honest, nor does he have any  morals. Literary

Time to Ax Federal Jobs Programs (via goldcountrypatriots)

With the nation's unemployment rate still above 9 percent and a steady stream of worrisome labor news (the latest statistic: 429,000 new unemployment claims last week), federal policymakers are facing pressure to do something about joblessness. The giant 2009 stimulus bill was supposed to cut unemployment to less than 7 percent by now — but that clearly hasn't worked as planned.Read more… … Read More

via goldcountrypatriots

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