Emerson Drake Revealed!

Emerson Drake Continues To Be Exposed

Posted on October 27, 2009 by Uncle Sam’s Boot| Leave a comment | Edit

This just keeps getting better. The one who smells it, dealt it. And that is you Emerson/truthseekers.


Truthseekers IS Emerson Drake.
Submitted by HSwag on Mon, 2009-10-26 21:12.
POLICE FIND MARIJUANA OPERATION: A strong odor led narcotics investigators to northeast Modesto home where they discovered a large indoor marijuana growing operation that had produced about $160,000 worth of dope, Modesto police reported Thursday. Police arrested Emerson Drake, 55, at the home on the 3200 block of Canopy Court. He was booked on suspicion of cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sales and theft of electricity, Lt. Chris Fuzie said. The Modesto police Narcotics Enforcement Team and the Stanislaus Drug Enforcement Agency received information about the strong marijuana odor in the area of Kee Lane and Canopy Court, just east of Roselle Avenue and south of Sylvan Avenue. Fuzie said the investigators checked and could smell the odor for about two blocks in all directions. Police served a search warrant Tuesday with assistance from the Stanislaus County sheriff’s Special Team Investigating Narcotics and Gangs. Fuzie said the investigators found the marijuana growing in three bedrooms that contained 97 budding plants with an estimated street value of $100,000 along with about 18 pounds of packaged pot with an estimated street value of $60,000. He said authorities seized the marijuana and the growing equipment worth approximately $20,000. The rental property had been converted into a growing operation. Fuzie said the house contained little more than a bed. The property owner told police he had no idea what was going on in the house and said a property management company was renting the house for him, Fuzie said.

Emerson Drake shows up at MID and rants against Board membersnew
Submitted by Believe on Mon, 2009-10-26 21:32.
I asked a MID buddy about this article. He must have something he is angry about with MID. He has shown up and rants about stupid stuff and supports Serpa, now his blogs make sense. Wow, one criminal supporting another, I wonder if Serpa was his property manager? No wonder he doesn’t have to work, it may explain his ranting also, poor guy, poor ratepayers.

What a lowlifenew
Submitted by Kingbee on Mon, 2009-10-26 21:36.
He rants on and on and I alway’s wondered why. Now we know all know why.

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  1. Robert Stanford
    Jul 02, 2011 @ 20:16:54

    I really think you should follow the growth of your website and other internet presence with the responsibility it demands in direct ratio to your obvious growth, John.

    I would really be happy and much more comfortable in the promotion of your site for balance to my viewpoints without Emerson’s picture and stuff like this.

    There are other examples to be had of one’s shortcomings that are far more deserving. Me for instance!

    I would not interact or acknowledge Emerson unless there was something positive to be gained by myself and others for doing so.

    Otherwise, if I were to take the effort that you are taking to do to him what I do to people like Joe Muratore and others – it would look more like personal vendetta than an exercise in “exposing or revealing” anything.

    Of course you know I will defend your rights to do whatever you want, but I just feel that your site is growing and with that come the responsibility of providing a good example through your message and image. Taking the high road would be, in my opinion a solid step in that direction.

    Thank you,

    By the way, Joe Muratore is a NAZI


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