Me For President!

I have been thinking about running for president. I just need about a gazzilion dollars! 1 minute after taking the oath of office: I open up all American land for natural resource exploration, and extraction by American companies only. All energies produced must stay in America. 2nd thing I do is give a five-year tax exemption to these companies, and any American companies that build refineries. 3rd thing I do is bring home all troops from every foreign base, and war theater, declare our southern border a war zone, and place 100,000 troops with orders that would allow for them to stop all who cross by any means necessary. 4th, I would close the federal reserve and go back to tying our currency to the “Gold Standard.” Lastly, any American caught and convicted of siding,financing, or taking part in any muslom activity to harm America, or Americans, will receive the death penalty; firing squad and it will be televised. I figure I would receive 20-40 million votes on my energy policy alone. Even tree hugging, bed wetting liberals hate high energy prices!

Hand me a beer and tell me what you think

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