My Responsee To Those Who Think Whites Should Have To Adhere To Seperate Rules When Discussing Issues Where Race Is Involved

I will re-print what a blogger stated about my many post here at The Boot. Typical of those that don’t believe white Christian conservatives can speak on racial issues and not be racist in some way themselves.

I just created a wordpress blog a week ago.

Submitted by wayne2008 on Fri, 2011-07-01 21:09.

Still trying to get the hang of it. I have not posted a blog yet. I was thinking about rollingover my HIVE blogs more like a vault.

All of this other stuff came up so I am waiting to see which blogs I will post. The Swarm just like the HIVE has its own personality.

I would rather blog where I will not be persecuted for being a conservative Christian.

I went to your Unclesamsboot blog and noticed the racial tone which seems you made a blanket condemnation against all who are not white or was that Elliot Lake and took up the torch that anyone who has brown skin is against whites.

I can tell you now that is not the truth, and if Elliot Lake believes that then he is wrong.

I don’t know Emerson and have never met him, but what does that have to do with anything? So what is the deal anyway are you looking for enemies or aliies or don’t care one way or the other?

I am a protester against what I believe to be mismanagement or corruption in our governments. I am an advocate for the ethical treatment of the mentally ill, and against racism,discrimination in all forms.

My Response:

You miss the idea boat if that is all you get from my blog and Elliot Lake’s blog. Racism is being used as a tool to shut people up. Racism is used as a weapon against white conservatives. Too many people have been trained to shut down a good critical debate, because instead of communicating a message, they are put on the defensive. This is why I post so much information on race. Because instead of problem solving, people are discussing issues that are nothing more than distractions. You see the type of hatred that is directed at Christians don’t you? You are often a target yourself. Look at the way white Christian conservatives are often portrayed in the media and film industry. The one major road block that stands in the way of those folks that are looking to install a one world order: you know, like the dudes in the Federal Reserve and IMF, is the white Christian male/female conservative. Those that believe in moral absolutes; right and wrong. The old hag Margaret Sanger was at least honest enough to admit that certain types of people should not have children, and that some should be killed off. The Bible clearly states there will be a time when what is good will be called  evil, and what is evil will be called good.

So when a white guy talks about racial issues, he is often labeled a racist, but when a non whit guy does the same thing, he is called a social activist. Sorry, but the rules should not vary because of ones skin color.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. augustinehippo1
    Jul 03, 2011 @ 04:20:33

    I’m waiting to see what wayne comes up with as far as his blog. Is it going to be more local Motown soap opera politics, his Charlie Lockett type social liberalism, or maybe his views on Reformed theology. I have urged him to go ahead and post something. I don’t think he has given out his blog address yet.


  2. Uncle Sam's Boot
    Jul 04, 2011 @ 03:06:05

    A-1; It will be interesting. I just don’t tolerate folks who try to make Christians adhere to a different set of rules when discussing certain topics. I know why it is done though. Because we win on facts and logic.


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