Censored For Trying To Post Food Stamp Statistics?

Censored For Trying To Post Food Stamp Statistics?.

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There are approximately 300 million people in America in 2011. 47 million of them are now on food stamps. Did you know this? My first post on this topic from 15 minutes ago, about 6 paragraphs, literally disappeared into thin air when I tried to publish it online. Read on.

Guns in Arizona: Legislator's gun highlights debate

Guns in Arizona: Legislator’s gun highlights debate.

“Oh, it’s so cute,” Klein said, as she unzipped the loaded Ruger from its carrying case to show a reporter and photographer. She was sitting on a leather couch in a lounge, just outside the Senate chamber.

She showed off the laser sighting by pointing the red beam at the reporter’s chest. The gun has no safety, she said, but there was no need to worry.

“I just didn’t have my hand on the trigger,” she said.

Klein said she started carrying a handgun in 2000, after someone rattled the door at her Moon Valley house. “That just scared the hell out of me,” she said.

I am sure the lib reporter was upset because she put the laser pointer on them!

Will Obama Be The Next Nixon?

It is not looking good. At least when Nixon lied, nobody died!

Barry and his crew knew all about this. They changed the name of the scheme! It was originally Project Fast and Furious!


Under the Obama administration, a controversial government project that runs guns into Mexico has contributed to fraudulent statistics seemingly targeting U.S. gun owners. The misleading data raise questions about the intentions of Project Gunrunner,…

African Violence Comes To Ireland (via ELLIOT LAKE News & Views)

African Violence Comes To Ireland By Ken Foy A (Black) MOB went on a wave of random race violence on Temple Bar, which left five (Irish) Dubliners with horrific injuries. One man — a Dublin DJ (Disk Jockey) — was almost killed in the attack as he suffered serious head injuries when he was set upon by the gang. The level of violence has shocked gardai (Irish Police) and the many witnesses … Read More

via ELLIOT LAKE News & Views

Debt Ceiling: Why Raise It? Just Toss It

Here is a thought: Let us default on our debt.What will China do? We can start producing our own energy and fuel, re-start our manufacturing industry, and give the big middle finger to our enemies! The debt issue is just a distraction from a much bigger problem: Government take-over of our economy’s largest industries. Banking, auto, and medical. The takeovers alone should be enough to get the president impeached.


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