Debt Ceiling: Why Raise It? Just Toss It

Here is a thought: Let us default on our debt.What will China do? We can start producing our own energy and fuel, re-start our manufacturing industry, and give the big middle finger to our enemies! The debt issue is just a distraction from a much bigger problem: Government take-over of our economy’s largest industries. Banking, auto, and medical. The takeovers alone should be enough to get the president impeached.!/FreedomWorks/posts/116736701754442?notif_t=like

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  1. wayne2008sblogsite
    Jul 12, 2011 @ 10:11:16

    You’re forgetting that the Bank of International Settlements are in control of the money. They in fact started this Global Depression forcing many nations to take out loans, the BIS is the Worlds Central Bank for Central banks.

    This is nothing more than a money scheme and they are fleecing not only American citizens but citizens all over the world. The Basel Accords have already stated any recovery will not happen until the year 2015 so it would be foolish for any debt ceiling raises or more stimulus plans.

    As far as Red China, during the 1900’s their money was based upon silver, the Federal Reserve over valued their money then in 1921 decided to give the real value of their money which caused the Chinese economy to collapse and in doing so caused the Japanese money to be very valuable., Hence World War II in the Pacific and the Japanese take over of China and East Asia.

    The BIS could be looking to eliminate the US Dollar for good and replacing it with another currency, I am sure Soros already knows. And yes we will have another World War on our hands in 20 or less years.


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