Top Secret America: PBS Frontline TV Show On The US Shadow Government (via Alternative News Report)

Copyright 2011-3011 Alternative News Report, All Rights Reserved. Rubicon is real, you know. I'm laughing as I type this. They tell us in a PBS TV show titled "Top Secret America" that after 9-11 a fourth branch of government appeared. That was the premise for the TV show Rubicon in 2010. But old guard NWO researchers [ yeah, people like me… I've now been at it for so long I'm old guard – 20 years of private NWO research has earned me the title … Read More

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Why Did the Vatican Name It's New Addition to It's Arizona Telescope "Lucifer"? (via 333 Crucible: The Divine Imperative)

Why Did the Vatican Name It's New Addition to It's Arizona Telescope "Lucifer"? Copyright 2011-3011 By CK Hunter, All Rights Reserved. This particular news item is nearly one year old, but since it is such a stunner, I felt it needed to be re-posted here. I only found this for the first time about a week ago. File it under news items so bizarre you wish you had not seen them. I would love to hea … Read More

via 333 Crucible: The Divine Imperative

Rev. 18:3: evolution…primordial heresy as the science of becoming God

Rev. 18:3: evolution…primordial heresy as the science of becoming God.

By Laura Kimball

From the days of Adam right down to our own time, the devilish belief that man is God has danced across history, seducing millions in its path. Early Church Father John of Damascus identifies barbarism as the primordial heresy, the idea that man is god:

“Barbarism is that which prevailed from the days of Adam down through ten generations to the time of Noah. It is called barbarism because of the fact that in those times men had no ruling authority or mutual accord, but every man was independent and a law unto himself after the dictates of his own will.” (John of Damascus, “The Fount of Knowledge,” cited in Political Apocalypse, Ellis Sandoz, p. 131)

Israel-The Last Canary

This is a very good article.

Israel, the tiny nation, was attacked by eleven stronger countries on the day She was founded. The attacks were miraculously repelled, but since day one, those attacks by those same nations have not stopped — not for even one week has there not been some form of attack against Israel, the only free nation in the entire Middle East.

Medicaid = Fraud


Undercover citizen journalist James O’Keefe is at it again, this time capturing on video an Ohio government worker helping a “drug dealer” commit Medicaid fraud.

Read more: Shock video: Medicaid caught encouraging fraud

The Looting Of America

“So they are shifting massive amounts of capital, and as they are shifting that capital, they totally change who is the owner. So when it leaves this country, $5 trillion of that is in the US government, shared, its in the commons if you will; by the time it gets to Asia, the ownership is in the hands of small groups of people. So you see this enormous capital shift, and one of the other things that happens as that capital shift occurs is we’re watching the end of sovereign governments, and the rise of corporations. We’re literally changing the governance structure on planet Earth so that we’re no longer governed by countries that coordinate with each other, we’re literally governed by private corporations. In this process…you’re watching liabilities being shifted into sovereign governments and assets being shifted to corporations.

One of the ways to look at this is when we did that capital shift, we said in the beginnings of the 90’s, we can’t afford the retirement of the boomers. We’ve promised them in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid more than we can afford to pay, so what we are going to do is, we’re going to pull all their retirement savings out, we’re going to basically shift out all the money that’s in the pension funds; the equivalent, and what we are going to put back into their pension funds is phony baloney paper, and we’re going to shift out the money that’s in the Social Security fund and shift in phony baloney paper, so once we’ve gotten all the money out, they’re going to be sitting with a bunch of phony baloney paper and promises to each other. So it’s really a way of leaving the American middle class high and dry, and getting out while the getting is good.”



Posted by Vilmar: ”

No one has died.

No threats of bodily harm were made during the alleged hacking.

Livelihoods were not threatened.

Basically, conversations were hacked.

Yet, here in the united States, we have a president and a complicit Department of Justice authorizing the illegal sale of guns to Mexican gangs and drug lords in “Operation Fast and Furious” that HAVE resulted in MANY people dying and the media……………. ignores it.

The Newest Planet Of The Apes Movie

This has got to be one of the greatest animal videos ever! I just want to know how the ape learned to shoot? I am guessing he is a conservative, because a liberal ape would not have known which end to hold!

Thugs In Training… (via Does It All Matter 2)

Thugs In Training... This is exactly why the unions have to be gotten under control. Thugs. And most of them work for obama and George  Soros. The kind of people who are destroying our country. Perhaps the government should launch a full scale investigation into these actions. The unions are destroying our country, one election at a time. SEIU ‘Intimidation Manual’ Uncovered Detail … Read More

via Does It All Matter 2

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