Nightmare In Norway, Ninety-Two Dead, Norwegian Suspect Anders Breivik Arrested (via Alternative News Report)

Nightmare In Norway, Ninety-Two Dead, Norwegian Suspect Anders Breivik Arrested Copyright 2011-3011 Chase Kyla Hunter & Alternative News Report, All Rights Reserved.

via Alternative News Report

Already American “big media” outlets are trying to sell the world on the idea that Anders Breivik was  some sort of  lunatic “Christian Fundamentalist” – when in fact, as these color photos clearly show, this man is a practicing Freemason, and citizen journalist know exactly who and what Freemasons worship – and it is not God. There is NO relationship between real and genuine Christian faith and Freemasonry whatsoever.



Liberalism Causes Poverty (via augustine1blog) America’s economic revival is tied to the revival of a strong marriage culture, according to a new study. Compared with other family arrangements, marriage offers the best economic outcomes for men, women, children and the nation, said Patrick Fagan, head of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute at the Family Research Council (FRC), in an analysis r … Read More

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Ron Paul and Freemasonry (via Angelbabe43's Blog)

Ron Paul and Freemasonry 1 Is it so hard to believe that the powers that be would not have had the foresight to think that the people may not always blindly accept the mainstream party members meant to give us the illusion of choice? That they may at some time look for an unaffiliated man who had no ties to the CFR, Trilateral Commision, Bilderberg, or ever Skull and Bones. Is it so hard to believe that they would create a happy little man that makes all the “suspicious … Read More

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Another DHS video portrays white Americans as most likely terrorists (video) (via Creeping Sharia)

Info Wars broke this story yesterday, DHS Video Characterizes White Americans as Most Likely Terrorists. It is not, however, the first DHS video portraying white men as terrorists in America while omitting the obvious. In October 2009 we posted a similar video, DHS’ politically correct ‘recognizing terrorism’ video. DHS is now in defense mode, denying the obvious dis … Read More

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Who added "Christian" and "Conservative" to Norway shooter's Facebook page yesterday?

Pamela Geller has noticed an interesting anomaly:

While the leftist and Islamic supremacist ghouls rush to portray Norway mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik as a Christian and even as an anti-jihadist, the unanswered questions multiply. Why did a jihad group take credit for the atrocities, and then retract? And who altered the murderer’s Facebook page? Yesterday, at the time that his name was released, his Facebook page looked like this (hat tip Vivien for the screenshot):

But shortly thereafter, this screenshot started circulating, of an altered Facebook page on which Breivik identified himself as a Christian and a conservative: (screenshot hat tip Vivien)

Norway's Official Story Sounds Like A Cover Up

If this guy hated Muslims so much, why did he kill non-Muslims?

Read more: Michael Savage: Norway’s ‘Quisling moment’

“This is likely a fabrication of the Labour Party, who needs to hold onto power to enforce their multi-culturalist, Muslim-favoring, anti-nationalist views,” he continued, “especially in light of the earlier ‘credit’ for this atrocity claimed by the radical Muslim group whose leader they were threatening to deport.

“The official story defies logic in the following sense as well,” he continued, “if this lone right-winger hated Muslims, as the New York Times is reporting, then why did he slaughter his own people and not Muslims?”

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