72-Year-Old Texas Retired Ex-Marine Runs Down, Kills Armed Man Who Robbed His Business | Video | TheBlaze.com

72-Year-Old Texas Retired Ex-Marine Runs Down, Kills Armed Man Who Robbed His Business | Video | TheBlaze.com.

A man who robbed a 72-year-old Texas business owner at gunpoint is dead after the owner, a Marine Corps veteran, jumped in his car and chased after him, ramming him against a metal fence.

According to the Houston Chronicle, a tall man forced his way into Kenneth Kobobel, Sr.’s office Friday morning where Kobobel had been chatting with his brother. He put a 9mm handgun to Kobobel’s head, demanded money from them and screamed “You’re dead!”

He emptied the contents of the brother’s wallet and Kobobel handed him $20. Not satisfied with the amount, Kobobel said the man patted him down and upon finding a wad of bills totaling $800 yelled, “You lied to me! You’re dead!”

Kobobel said robber struck him on the head with the barrel of the gun and ran off, warning them to wait before calling 911.

One less turd! Score one for the good guys!

Terrorist proclaimed himself 'Darwinian,' not 'Christian'


This is so true!

Terrorist proclaimed himself ‘Darwinian,’ not ‘Christian’

WASHINGTON – A review of Anders Behring Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto shows the media’s quick characterization of the Norwegian terrorist as a “Christian” may be as incorrect as it was to call Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh one.

Yet, while McVeigh rejected God altogether, Breivik writes in his manifesto that he is not religious, has doubts about God’s existence, does not pray, but does assert the primacy of Europe’s “Christian culture” as well as his own pagan Nordic culture.

Breivik instead hails Charles Darwin, whose evolutionary theories stand in contrast to the claims of the Bible, and affirms: “As for the Church and science, it is essential that science takes an undisputed precedence over biblical teachings. Europe has always been the cradle of science, and it must always continue to be that way. Regarding my personal relationship with God, I guess I’m not an excessively religious man. I am first and foremost a man of logic. However, I am a supporter of a monocultural Christian Europe.”

Day laborers'( Illegal Aliens) suit alleges harassment by League City | Immigration | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle

Day laborers’ suit alleges harassment by League City | Immigration | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle.

GALVESTON — Day laborers in League City filed a federal lawsuit Thursday, accusing police of harassment and discrimination aimed at preventing them from seeking employment.

Sorry Chuey and Berto, if you are here illegally, I hope the police are not only stoping by everyday, but also checking your immigration status, just like your countries of origins would do. It ain’t about race dummies, it is about the law.

Freemasonry Cannot Be Christian

The mass murderer in Norway was not a Christian, though he might of believed himself to be. He is a follower of Fremasonry. Do some research, and see why he is not a Christian, but rather supports the NWO, and the Anti-christ.


One of the enduring debates within Christian circles is whether Freemasonry is compatible with Christianity generally and the Holy Bible specifically. Masonic writers have always maintained that they are compatible with Christian doctrine, and they point with pride to the fact that American and British Freemasonry quotes extensively from the Holy Bible. They point to their famous Hiram Abiff allegory that seemingly traces the origin of Freemasonry back to the Biblical king, King Solomon, when he was building the Temple. However, when we compare their religious teachings against the doctrines of the Bible, we discover that Freemasonry cannot be Christian, as they teach Salvation by Works [Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, page 399], and believe Jesus Christ to have been an Illusion and His death an Illusion [Ibid., page 567], teachings which form the very basis for the Biblical definition of Antichrist. [1 John 4:1-9]

How Did Police Know His Name?

It will be interesting to see how this case develops. Watch the media world wide try to equate this one, single piece of non-human filth with a few million radical Muslims who have been murdering innocent men women and children for centuries. I have received a half a dozen hits from pro-radical Islam blogs trying to use this tragedy to help place themselves in a better light. Sorry Mohammies, I have no issue with those who practice Islam in a non-violent manner. But for the true 8th century, goat lovers who want to kill anyone who does not believe as they do? I hope you blow up during your “bomb making” mini course!


17.24 Jon Snow from Channel 4 News asks why police knew the killer’s name by the time they had arrived on the island.

Quote “…he surrendered the moment police called his name 3 minutes after they arrived. What we don’t know is how the police knew the terrorist’s name before they arrested him.”

17.02 Norwegian police say a police guard had been due to be on the island of Utoya during the attacks. Police say they are unsure where they were.

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