Freemasonry Cannot Be Christian

The mass murderer in Norway was not a Christian, though he might of believed himself to be. He is a follower of Fremasonry. Do some research, and see why he is not a Christian, but rather supports the NWO, and the Anti-christ.

One of the enduring debates within Christian circles is whether Freemasonry is compatible with Christianity generally and the Holy Bible specifically. Masonic writers have always maintained that they are compatible with Christian doctrine, and they point with pride to the fact that American and British Freemasonry quotes extensively from the Holy Bible. They point to their famous Hiram Abiff allegory that seemingly traces the origin of Freemasonry back to the Biblical king, King Solomon, when he was building the Temple. However, when we compare their religious teachings against the doctrines of the Bible, we discover that Freemasonry cannot be Christian, as they teach Salvation by Works [Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, page 399], and believe Jesus Christ to have been an Illusion and His death an Illusion [Ibid., page 567], teachings which form the very basis for the Biblical definition of Antichrist. [1 John 4:1-9]

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