Atheist Hate For Christianity (via )

Atheist Hate For Christianity The belief that there is no God defines an atheist. In wanting to understand why atheist are so anti-religion and specifically anti-Christian, it seems this statement has some bearing on the question. It is more than a disbelief in God but belief system that God does not exist. From reading atheist literature it appears their ideology is completely tied to religion. One might say that if it were not for religion, an atheist would not exist. Which … Read More


When Will Black America Wise Up? (via )

When Will Black America Wise Up? TERRORIST PRESIDENTS AND U.S. KILLING MACHINES In a recent article entitled SC Governor Refuses to Unfurl Confederate Flag, I suggested that the NAACP cease and desist with its ridiculous carping about the battle flag of the Confederacy. We've all seen that tired old dance dozens of times, and frankly, it makes this thin-skinned organization look even more irrelevant and out of touch.  In a selfless act of charity, I suggested that blacks and the … Read More


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