Justice For Kari And All Americans

Finally, folks speaking out to those who would not want justice for this officer, or any other.

Justice for Innocent Sheriff’s Detective Kari Abbey

Not dealing with ignorant people anymore. I have made allowances to a point on who is on here and what they post. From now on any ignorant illiterate people must stay at their own page where they can post innappropriate crap all day. Their group promotes anger and hostility. On this page, we do not. If I have to deal with one more hate posting on here I will report you, remove you and block you

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  1. wayne2008sblogsite
    Aug 11, 2011 @ 01:32:20

    Well I am glad I did not post on her face book page either way,I was going to ask her questions.

    Any attorney would have advised her not to post anything on face book or the blogs. This could be a major mistake on her part by showing Rita Elias picture as though it was trophy and also mocking Rita because she was poor.

    As a former Juror I can tell you the Jury will pay special attention to those two points, it shows anger even now towards Rita even while she is dead. Or maybe resentment..


  2. wayne2008sblogsite
    Aug 11, 2011 @ 04:17:40

    Well, we know how socks work. She had written earlier that she didn’t care what others had written about her but she did not want them to saying anything about her family. Of course that has been deleted now. I had copied it.


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