Innocent Til Proven Guilty

Justice for Innocent Sheriff’s Detective Kari Abbey
Update: A Modesto based internet blog site has reported that a pipe bomb was placed in the front yard of Rita’s daughters home. The ‘pipe bomb’ was not active. Several blog based sites have outright said they think that Kari or a family member placed it the day before the bail hearing to ‘scare’ them. This lie has generated alot of outrage by Elias supporters. Is there anything these people will not say?
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John David Heaton III The one site will say anything to put LE in a negative light. Right now, the moderator, is allowing original articles to be re-posted without permission. At least their readership is very small.
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John David Heaton III ps; You probably already know some of the players at these sites. If you need some names, let me know.
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Justice for Innocent Sheriff’s Detective Kari Abbey VOM writers are VOM Staff? They claim investigative reporting. To what extent? They believe therefore it is? Some of the things that are ‘reported’ by them are out right fantastical. Building onto a society of conspiracy-theory anit-law trusting peoples’ distrust and low self esteem is how these people work. A fake bomb, (is a bomb how), a roid rage killing, and an attempt on the Elias daughter’s life? The opinons are based on how Kari looks, with some harsh comments about her family members that are supporting her the same way the Elias family is supporting their view. If this site was truely investigative they would be asking the important questions and not making libel allegations. It’s great to be rightous, but it is not great if you’re not right. A lie is not right no matter how much you believe in it.
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John David Heaton III The moderator post as Emerson, and truthseekers. I have posted many blog threads on my blog, and at The Modesto Bee’s Hive about him. It turns out this guy was arrested for illegally growing pot. MID said he was stealing power also. He is also the second guy on the tiny blog talk/radio show; The Morning Mayor with Carmen Sabatino. Emerson Drake is his name

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