Ro-Sham-Bo More Than A Kids’ Game

The Subway Sandwich commercial has re-exposed many to what is considered a kids’ game, but many of us adults still use it to determine who will do the chores, get the beer, or some other thing we don’t want to do. Here is a link to a pretty entertaining, and imforative article.

First, for the three people in the country who may be unfamiliar with the game, a short description:

“Rock, Paper, Scissors,” also known as roshambo (I’ll get to the reason for this presently), has been around for a long time, and most civilized people have at least a passing knowledge of the game. It is most often used to decide small matters between two people–who’ll drive to the burger joint, who has to take out the garbage, etc.–but it can also be played to decide larger matters, as part of a tournament, or simply as a diversion

Hand me a beer and tell me what you think

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