New York City Joins Atlanta, DC in Schoolteachers’ Cheating (via )

New York City Joins Atlanta, DC in Schoolteachers' Cheating President Bush's signature "No Child Left Behind" annual school proficiency testing has been embarrassing teachers so badly that their unions have pressured President Obama into emasculating the program via waivers; in the meantime, teachers have been taking things into their own hands by altering test results and other forms of cheating. Grade … Read More



WHAT WAS SO GREAT ABOUT LBJ'S GREAT SOCIETY AGAIN? FROM WELFARE STATE TO NANNY STATE: A CLASS SYSTEM OF TAXPAYERS AND TAX CONSUMERS  “The welfare state has done to black Americans what slavery could not have done, the harshest Jim Crow laws and racism could not have done; namely, break up the black family. That is, today, just slightly over 30 percent of black kids live in two-parent families. Historically, from the 1870s to the 1940s – depending on the city – 75 to 90 percent of black kids lived … Read More

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Congressman Has Cops Confiscate Cameras at Public Meeting (via )

Congressman Has Cops Confiscate Cameras at Public Meeting The Congressman, a Republican, ordered the police to confiscate cell phones and cameras as his town hall meeting began, though he allowed a TV news photog to record. Cops Confiscate Cameras at Ohio Congressman's Town Hall tells of it. This was apparently a public meeting in a public place. With this sort making our laws, you can see why local cops are arresting people and confiscating their phones and cameras when they're recording public police … Read More


South Africa Falling Into Decay (via ELLIOT LAKE News & Views)

Mike Wilson South Africa – the name conjures up visions of White colonialism, riches of diamonds and gold, beautiful cities, beautiful people, rich farmlands and technical innovation. A strong and vibrant country with a modern army and air force and an air of expectancy, handed down from Afrikaner (Whites) father to son, that their land would be the greatest in the whole continent. [youtube= … Read More

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