Farm workers march through town, rally for change

Farm workers march through town, rally for change.

“Farm workers work harder than every other group in the nation and state?” Pretty arrogant statement there, and simply not true. If you don’t like your job’s pay or working conditions, then find another job.

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  1. wayne2008sblogsite
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 17:59:13

    The problem is they are not the hardest working group at least now days. They get paid by the hour now which is really different from when I worked the fields and orchards decades ago.

    If they get paid by the hour then that means the loafers receive a paycheck on the backs of others, when I worked it was piece work and you only got paid for what you worked for and you made a lot more than minimum wage back then.

    Back then every race and ethnic group worked the fields and orchards the seasonal workers were mostly whites coming in following the harvests through the Central Valley mainly they were from Oklahoma,Texas,Arizona and whole families would come in trucks and campers and would station near the rivers and parks for the season some in the orchards.

    Back then a whole family working together could make some really good money working the fields and orchards plus the government at that time had migrant workers programs which included Food Stamps so they didn’t have to pay for food.

    That worked out well until the unions started coming in and the El hefe’s (contractors) started only hiring Hispanics, they eliminated jobs for the Japanese,India people, whites, blacks and other races and ethnic groups.

    Now they make the claim only the Mexican and Hispanics did all of the work, that is a complete lie. They forced Whites,Blacks and others out of the agriculture work and they got the politicians to support them.


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