Emerson Drake Gets Served


Emerson, it’s time you get a clue… new

..and then after you get it stop yourself from lying to people who do not have the resources or education to know the law. Let’s get something straight right now, the Abbey Clan is NOT trying to get out information. I am doing it. I can tell you I have nothing to do with the Abbey’s in the family manner at all and I am the moderator of the Facebook Page you like to paraphrase from.  The one that has a meer 36 likes, you know the one I am talking about I am sure. So many people are afraid of you and your deflamatory allegations they keep their opinions to themselves for fear of you provoking some sort of riot against them for having an opinion other than yours! Not that people are afraid of you persa but they are afraid of the mindless minion you seem to have behind you. The ones that dont do the foot work themselves and look up information. Instead they believe you like they believe the gospel. I mean, I understand it. You are so honest and educated, right? I see you posted the arrest affidavit above, or I am assuming that is it. In there does it not say that the gun was found laying next to Rita on the ground in the front yard? But yet you have a whole group of people believing it was found inside the apartment. Why would you do that? I tell you why. Because it provokes anger and revenge, that’s why.  You have a personal agenda, we all know it, that just has absolutly zero to do with this. This is about every persons right to a fair trial. My wishes are not too off from yours, I want justice but I want justice from the legal system. I want the system to do their jobs just as much as you do. I am not spreading lies and openly practicing defamation of anyone’s character as you are. Your quote about the gun in the house that you ‘heard’ from an activist did not happen like you said. Rather you googled Kari and found a BLOG written on the website, Voice of Modesto, WordPress. Here’s the link for all those that fell for Emerson’s lies. http://voiceofmodesto.org/wordpress/?p=1110 It is a conspiracy theory blog written by people that openly oppose Officers of the Law. In laymans terms, cop haters with agenda’s like you. . A he said – she said blog site that doesn’t even have the gonads to site their sources. So, did I jog your memory yet? I thought so. You are a horrible man and not just because of this. You are a horrible person overall because you drag innocent people into your B.S. by telling things that are lies. You can’t even defend yourself why would you think these poor people need you to defend them? You drag people like wayne into your drama and distract them from the real purpose of this whole matter, to get justice for all. Pure and simple. So here’s an invitation for you. You want to openly discuss the legality of this I would have no problems at all. I, unlike you, keep debates on topic and I try very hard not to insult people without just cause. I can tell you right now I will bury you if you want to go at it the right way. I do not have an agenda against anyone one person or entity. I have an agenda that is so much more honorable than yours will ever be. So, go on let me know what you want to do because if if keep up with the deflamation against me or others I can tell you that I will drag your ass into court faster than you can spit, even if I lose it would be worth it. You can’t fight fair, get out of the arena

Emerson Drake Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine From The Turlock Journal (via theconservativehillbilly)

Emerson Drake cond be found at most all Modesto City Council meeting if you need to speak to him.

Emerson Drake Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine From The Turlock Journal     Emerson Drake Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine From The Turlock Journal . … Read More

via theconservativehillbilly

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City of Modesto, police facing lawsuit – Government – Modbee.com

City of Modesto, police facing lawsuit – Government – Modbee.com.

Good job MPD.

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