Who Murdered The National Guard Members?

Of course, the PC police will not allow descriptions to be printed in a timely manner.


CARSON CITY, Nev (Reuters) – A man opened fire at an IHOP restaurant in Carson City, Nevada on Tuesday, killing three people and wounding nine others before turning the gun on himself, police said.

Two of those killed and three of the wounded at the pancake house on the city’s main thoroughfare were Nevada National Guard members in uniform, police and the National Guard said.

After America: Get Ready for Armageddon – Mark Steyn (via )

Some have asked on occasion why I am a passionate and driven conservative, and though my articulated reasons may vary from time to time and even from week to week I have to say that in the end it is the rational logic that lies beneath the platitudes and politics that is the reason for my passionate fight for liberty and the American way of life. Mark Steyn articulates this as well as any person I have ever heard. I watched his speech tonight and … Read More


Emerson Once Again Tuned Up In Public

The lies of Emerson Drake just keep coming, and the continue to be shot down. Remember this guy uses the name of “truthseekers.”

Truthseekers commented on Saturday, Sep 03, 2011 at 21:09 PM
“(Elias) was pummeled,” Harris told the judge. “If you break the law and don’t have the right to self-defense, it’s murder.”

Piperblue commented on Sunday, Sep 04, 2011 at 13:51 PM
Emerson, do you really believe Harris? I mean is it not true that DA’s and investigators get it wrong? Or were they right about you?

Are you saying that the court system does the correct job with all the facts? Or is it only in this case not with yours or others that you hang with? It’s amazing how you pick and choose your information.

Truthseekers commented on Monday, Sep 05, 2011 at 00:51 AM

“(Elias) was pummeled,” Harris told the judge. “If you break the law and don’t have the right to self-defense, it’s murder.”

Harris said it because it’s true. And no matter how often misguided people try to muddy the water or misdirect the readers, it doesn’t change what happened that night.

Piperblue commented on Monday, Sep 05, 2011 at 10:08 AM

Mr. Drake, you are a manipulator with no morals.

You will openly condemn and lie about certain aspects but you will run like a dog when you are asked for proof. So here it is answer this for me.

Did you not tell Elias family members there was no gun that the bb gun the police were talking about was in the home?

Did you not willfully tell Elias family that Kari was on steroids?

We both know she was drug tested and came back clean the real question is what was Rita on?

She was after all charged and plead out on METH possession a month before this whole ordeal started. So you can portray Rita any way you want. Rita was a bad girl.

You openly support and promote a hate site do you not?

You are a member of the justice for Rita page and they are lawless people that quote misinformation from sources like you.
They also publicly support the black panthers? Opps, yeah I guess you should gave read their crap better huh Emerson.

You got others to support this page that probably didn’t realize it was a page made by a hate group so now they are associated with that crap.

You are also not in a position to dog her for allegedly growing pot.

At least Kari’s dad was doing it legal unlike you. Read the arrest report you likento paraphrase from. The da said they were charging her with that crime because it was located on the property.

we could go at this all day everyday but I don’t have to.

After you got caught lying about the gun location you lost a great deal of following. That was a big lie Emerson. That lie by itself should make people start asking questions that you can’t answer or won’t answer.

Oh and here’s a bit for you, did you know there are no tenant at will laws in California? Show me legal residency now!

You want to support someone, that’s great.

You want to support people that are lawless, that won’t get you many followers.

So Harris saying Rita was pummeled in court is a ploy.

Notice how Harris did not say Rita pushed Kari in the chest with force and Kari kicked her ass.

Because I don’t care how mad people are, once someone starts swinging all bets are off.

Now answer me here, right now, who told you that the bb gun was in the house.

If you are going to say that stuff you need to quote your source. You are causing a lot of hurt among the Elias family and supporters that took your word for it now stand up and take credit for it if you can or admit your not sure. people are watching you now and let me tell you every single word that comes out of your head will be critiqued and examined because I will check your butt every time you try to mislead someone with heresay.

Fight fair there’s enough information in that report for you to build a good solid case for Rita. There is no reason for name calling or making up stories to benefit yourself.

Truthseekers commented on Monday, Sep 05, 2011 at 15:58 PM

You poor sad person, the original information you continually misquote came from the Elias family and their supporters not from the anyone at VoM.

The gun location was from a quote an activist made at a public meeting.

And by the way, your claims about anything on VoM having been changed are just lies you are parroting from your buddy. Nothing on VoM has ever been changed after the day it is posted.

And as for me giving you information, that isn’t going to happen. We’ve already seen the various stories the defense is sending out on trial balloons.

Kind of like the counterfeit money came from a rental payment but yet the Abbeys didn’t report it to the authorities.

Wasn’t that a log book they found next to the grow? Yep and scales too. But no the unreported counterfeit money came from a rental payment.

You started the name calling that’s why your post was deleted from the SWARM.

When you try to perform an illegal act like an illegal eviction, everything that comes afterward is your fault.

Or as Harris said, “(Elias) was pummeled,” Harris told the judge. “If you break the law and don’t have the right to self-defense, it’s murder.”

Nothing like a sawed off shot gun among friends, or around kids.

Have a nice day.

Piperblue commented on Monday, Sep 05, 2011 at 17:36 PM

You almost, and I mean almost, had a rational debate. Until the end that is. You did tell people that the gun was in the apartment. I can prove that.

I have NO buddies on here or your site. I, unlike you, have taken this task on because of you. If you have a right to openly slam people with misinformation I can go right back at you with the truth.

Oh and if you mean name calling, check out your posts about the “Abbey Clan” that is trying to spread rumors. I referred to you as a horrible, lying, hypocrit, well I just added the hypocrit part but you get my drift. I haven’t said anything that is not true about you.

It was not an illegal eviction. As I posted before, there are no tenant at will laws in Modesto. Further more there are only rentals laws that protect legal tenants. She was not a legal tenant. If she was I would welcome you to show me how. And dont quote the DA because I doubt she would be impressed. You show me codes, with statutes and regulations, and I will conceed to that. Until then Rita was a tresspasser period.

You do not have information to give me. If you did you would have gotten it from the DA and I do not think they even trust you a bit and I sure think they dont want the likes of you defending them or quoting their words in this case. I do have information. I bet you would LOVE to get your hands on. Do you want it? I am open to sharing what I know.

The log book next to the grow was claimed by James Abbey and so was the grow. You should know all about that. But in defense of you I think you got the short end of the stick on that one. I do not think you should have been charged with the crime of cultivating MMJ at all. There are many many people that benefit from the use of MMJ and I think you were doing it for those people. I think because you got screwed over by these people you are making it a mission to destroy them all and if taking Kari down helps you at all that’s what you will try to do. So good luck to you on proving your innocence. I assume you are trying to do that and you should. It would have been easier to defend yourself if you would have not pleaded out you know. But it is what it is and one day people will know what really happened and I hope it is to your benefit.

All I ask from you is the truth. If you are going to post things you quoted from hate groups you are asking for me and others to openly attack you. Pretty easy. I haven’t seen one original thought cross your fingertips.

One last question, who’s “we” that you like to say is on your side? I can tell you that the ‘we’ factor went drastically against you when people found out you were quoting a hate group so you better get your minion back in order again fast because trial starts soon.

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