Mitt The Twit And The Fix

It has become obvious that the presidential elections are fixed. The odds on favorite on who is doing the rigging is the jackals in the Federal Reserve. The Fed is not part of the federal government, but is simply a banking cartel, whose members are located world-wide. If the current president, the past presidents that followed Reagan, and current “Top Two” were gears in a race car, Barry would be overdrive, Bush jr is 3rd gear, Perry is granny, and Mitt is 2nd, relating to the speed that they are, and would, drive us to a complete Nanny State, and a One World Order.

I have decided Ron Paul is the guy, and the best proof of my assertion the system is rigged. Paul wins, hands down, the conservative vote. He polls high with those who distrust the Federal Reserve, and the independent vote were personal rights are important. Funny thing is, the checkered pant Repubs snub him, most all “right” leaning talk shows, and media outlets brand him as un-electable. But he is the one candidate that most mirrors the founding fathers.

Voters, no matter what party affiliation, need to stop blindly supporting their party’s “fav” candidate. If there are people of any kind, still supporting Barak Hussein Obama, they are either ignorant, or they are completely dis-satisfied with the Republic the founding fathers created.

Emerson Drake Gets Served



Emerson Drake Gets Served


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