Barry To Americans: Bend Over

For The Supporters Of Kari Abbey And Justice For All: I Give You The Faces Of Emerson Drake

One Person Dies In Nuclear Plant Explosion

Islamist terrorist would love to attack one of these plants. Nuclear power is the safest power produced. The amount of deaths from production of nuclear power, as compared to coal? Hands down coal mining is much more deadly.

An explosion at the southern France nuclear facility of Marcoule killed one person and wounded four Monday.


The blast at the facility, which recycles plutonium from nuclear weapons to make fuel to provide electricity, was caused by a “fire near a furnace in the Centraco radioactive waste storage site,” the BBC reported.

The facility’s owner, French national electricity provider EDF, described the explosion as “an industrial accident, not a nuclear accident.”

White Africans Being Denied Their Rights

Where is all the outrage now?

TENS of thousands of skilled Afrikaner (WHITE South African) workers are forced to search for food, and sleep on the streets of Pretoria – the city of their forefathers. With Black-ruled South Africa’s bevy of ANTI-White laws, the ruling A.N.C. (African National Congress) regime DENIES White people ALL the means of survival such as jobs, food-aid, etc. [Just one probable result! -Ed]


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