Iran Releases Hikers- But Have They Learned Anything? I Think Not. (via Short Little Rebel)

Iran Releases Hikers- But Have They Learned Anything?  I Think Not. We are against Imperialism! We are Peace Activists! Iran should have loved us…. "I love the Middle East, you know, I would tell them about the fact that I support Palestinian rights…that I lived in Damascus, that I was teaching Iraqi refugees.. and that all of us are anti-Imperialists, peace activists- the kind of people you would think Iran would applaud, not punish.." "I'm interested in Iran!  It's a fascinating  country with just an incred … Read More

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Modesto Golfing Community: Please Beware

His personal behavior is abhorent. He has publicly posted rude, racist, bigot, and false information about me, and others. He  took out his drunken anger on a lady who tried to befriend him. He called her home, and verbally assualted her mother. He also went to the woman’s house, and in true Geogre Maudlin style, lit a paper bag full of dog feces on fire on her porch.

To this day, he still post falsehoods about me on various blogs, using screen names of course. And if you think he can’t get any lower, he belittles his daughter, and her family on one of these public sites. You can google his name, and some of his rantings will appear.

Here is the city’s page with contact information. I urge anyone who has been the target of George Maudlin, contact the various members and let them know. I am sure they do not realize who they are working with.


George Maudlin


Nature of the Beast, Part I (via The Constitution Club)

Nature of the Beast, Part I Rule #1 for all conservatives ought to be this: Never let the left frame the debate or define the terms. They have created a political climate that insures leftward drift over more than two centuries. This drift was noted by former editor of National Review John O' Sullivan who coined O'Sullivan's First Law: All organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing. Where did the inevitable leftward drift begin? Sherman s … Read More

via The Constitution Club

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