The Death Of Common Sense: From The Uppity Woman’s Blog

This is an oldie but goodie I got this from my niece-in-law. The author is apparently Lori Borgman- (h/t vivien)

When I got it my first thought was to share with the Uppityites! I have suspected for some time ( since around 2000) that Common Sense had died. Here is the obituary.

Retarded PSA Commercial: The “R” Word?

We are now being told what we can, and can’t say by the government

It begins with a black guy saying it is not alright to call him a nigger. Great, only fellow blacks, and black rappers get to do that. And some people call it art!

The next “victim” says  that it is not alright to call her a “spic.” Ok, looks as though Carlos Mancia is out of a comedy job. I guess he will just have to stick to wetback and beaner jokes. Boring!

Victim three; don’t call me a chink. Damn, more comedians losing material! But hey, the lady just used the word herself.Great, the next victim, who is white, ain’t concerned with being called a cracker, whitey, or redneck. He has his tutu in a bunch because he does not want to be called a “fag”. Ok, fag is a term for a cigarette, and it has also become a very common term meaning “idiot.” If you really want to label a gay person, why not call them a “queer”? That is what the most radical homos like to call themselves.

Finally, a Jewish guy saying don’t call me a kike. Yeah, Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld have a lot better wording for that!

Thankfully, the last victim says not to call her, or yourself “retarded.”  I won’t call her retarded, because I have friends that are truly retards, and she is much smarter than they are! I also have pals that are socially retarded, what the heck do I call them now? Probably what we always say to each other; we go after anything we can think of; race, brain power, masculinity, looks; you know, just what most average guys do.

This PSA is a joke, but it is also a harbinger of things to come from our government. At some point, saying the wrong words will become a crime. Does the term hate speech ring a bell?

This hillbilly is out! I can call myself this, because I am one. Just think if I were an Asian hillbilly?

I thought Barry…

I thought Barry slept with a card board cut out and a mirror on the ceiling?

From the

It is dark in the bedroom, but the soft glow of a nightlight allows us to discern a velvet rendering of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright on the wall behind the bed, as well as an enormous ceiling mirror with its border of alternating neon lights. On Barack’s nightstand is an ashtray overflowing with cigarette butts and ashes. On Michelle’s, we see the crumpled wrappers of Hershey chocolate bars. Barack, a fearful look on his face, is lying on his back, tugging at the edge of the blanket so that it just covers his chin. Michelle is lying on her side, head propped on one hand, facing the president.


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