Caption This

I am stealing the photo from my buddy Uppity Woman. I want to see some of the “right” leaning folk’s captions on this photo. 

Let me be the first to start. ” Barry, we white folks putt on the greens, we don’t eat them.”

Riverbank Resident Killed: Gang Related?

Teens and parents need to realize that there are consequences to their behavior.


A 16-year-old boy from Riverbank was identified as the fatal shooting victim in Empire on Sunday night.

Rosendo Robles was among three juveniles riding in a vehicle on Inland Avenue when somebody opened fire on them, according to Sgt. Anthony Bejaran.

The vehicle continued on for about a block before crashing into another vehicle parked nearby on Estates Drive. Robles was found in the vehicle.

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The Left’s Childlike Mentality: America as the Daycare State

The Left’s Childlike Mentality: America as the Daycare State.

Modern-day liberals have a child-like mentality.  As if living by the book All I Ever Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, liberals believe in the virtues of sharing and never fighting – values codified as Marxism and pacifism, respectively. But the leftists’ “revolutionary” pre-pubescent point of view goes well beyond cutesy naïveté: it will be the source of economic and military ruin if their temper tantrum is allowed to continue.

Time for the liberals to go to time out.

We’re All Xenophobes Now

We’re All Xenophobes Now.

The foreign, the alien, the unfamiliar is held out by the American left as one of the main causes of social conflict. Those citizens who stubbornly believe in their own particular ideology or creed are thus held out as particularistic, selfish, dogmatic, bigoted, chauvinist, jingoistic, and xenophobic.

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The Stars And Bars Should Be Flown With Pride

Just because some groups that are racist have used this flag, does not make it a negative symbol to all. Many good men, fought, died, and were crippled, and disfigured fighting for what they thought was an unconstituional act by the federal government. The war was fought, by many, for state vs. federal governmental rights. We  are still struggling with this issue today.

If someone takes offense to this flag, then they need to grow some thicker skin and do what so many fine liberals suggest; practice tolerance.

Blacks throwing rocks at whites ok, but whites throwing rocks at black equal hate crime!

Rebel flag still flying in black SC neighborhood

A year ago, dozens marched to protest the Confederate flag a white woman flew from her porch in a historically black Southern neighborhood. After someone threw a rock at her porch, she put up a wooden lattice. That was just the start of the building

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