Timothy Reily Exercising His First Admendment Right

Good for this gentleman I say. Peaceful protest is a good thing. I had an issue with the protesters on Wall Street being arrested; the ones who were breaking no laws. And now Mr. Reily, who seems to be a target of the low lives on the left, such as Van Jones. This could be a set up for those who want to see rioting in the streets, like Van Jones, and like Barry Hussein Obama. After all, they are all supporters of this type of behavior, or they support, and have trained under those who hold this view.


On Thursday, we brought you the story about New Orleans resident Timothy Reily’s controversial lawn signs — you know, the ones featuring President Barack Obama as a puppet and a crying baby in a diaper (currently, there are four billboards).

Now, Denny Schaffer, a morning show host at New Orleans’ WRNO-RADIO, has the first and only (so far) interview with Reily, who explains that he posted the signs out of frustration:

“I have a lot of frustration built up with where the country’s going.”

Hand me a beer and tell me what you think

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