The Stars And Bars Should Be Flown With Pride

Just because some groups that are racist have used this flag, does not make it a negative symbol to all. Many good men, fought, died, and were crippled, and disfigured fighting for what they thought was an unconstituional act by the federal government. The war was fought, by many, for state vs. federal governmental rights. We  are still struggling with this issue today.

If someone takes offense to this flag, then they need to grow some thicker skin and do what so many fine liberals suggest; practice tolerance.

Blacks throwing rocks at whites ok, but whites throwing rocks at black equal hate crime!

Rebel flag still flying in black SC neighborhood

A year ago, dozens marched to protest the Confederate flag a white woman flew from her porch in a historically black Southern neighborhood. After someone threw a rock at her porch, she put up a wooden lattice. That was just the start of the building

The Bears Dink Green Bay: The Refs Flag The Play Away

This is one of the best dinks in all of sports history. Too bad the refs had to invent a non- penalty.

Protesters Arrested: Why?


No Laughing Matter: Police Crackdown on Left-Wing Protesters on Wall Street

The right should not be celebrating the NY police pepper-spraying and incarcerating around 100 protesters who spontaneously showed up to oppose Wall Street banksterism and support a more “just” economic system.

Sure, they’re new wave hippies. And sure, they’re a variety of commie, with their chants for “social justice” and their legal representation by the veritably communist National Lawyers Guild. [Continued]


As long as they were not breaking any laws, or municipal codes, they should have been left alone. I also noticed that this was not covered by most of the media, until the pepper spraying and arrest. Sounds like the media wanted to selectively cover this. We conservatives must always be consistant in our views and voices.

Fast And Furious: This Is How Obama And His Team Should Be Prosecuted For This

This mess goes all the way to the white house. Too bad the vast majority of the media won’t cover it.

Read more:

The inspector general of the Department of Justice undermined and obstructed a congressional investigation by releasing secret tape recordings that corroborate allegations of misconduct in “Operation Fast and Furious,” according to a letter written by Rep. Darrell Issa and Sen. Charles Grassley.

The two lawmakers leading the probe into the Obama administration scandal claim Justice Inspector General Cynthia Schnedar compromised their investigators’ ability to get to the truth and potentially prosecute those responsible for selling thousands of weapons to the Mexican drug cartels.

And How Was Your Weekend? Just Ask Pro Golfer Bill Haas

Yup, why most of us were doing yard work, bbqing, getting a hair cut, Mr. Haas was busy earning over 11 million dollars via winning the Fed Ex cup. Even better, his little brother, Jay Jr., was looping for him. The standard caddy fee is 10%. Their father Jay Sr., a very good golfer on the regular tour, and now the senior tour, has not made that much cash on the grass, in his entire career.

I can’t think of anything better than making a living, not only for yourself, but your entire family, doing something that you truly enjoy. Good for Bill and Jay Jr. I hope they have a really good accountant, seeing that they are now the target of Obama and those who despise people who have “more” than they do.

District 3 council hopefuls beset by own money woes

District 3 council hopefuls beset by own money woes – election –

Carmen will pay if he is elected? Why do you think you can choose the terms on how you will repay the debt owed? Maybe Emerson Drake stashed some cash from the pot farm he was arrested and convicted of having!

From The Bee:

Modesto voters beset by unemployment, bankruptcy or foreclosure might identify with various candidates in a heated City Council race for District 3.

Three of four men running have had money problems of their own. The fourth had some legal trouble.

Former Mayor Carmen Sabatino owes various companies and government agencies more than $207,000, including $24,650 to the city he again wants to help lead. He’ll pay up if elected, he said.

Read more:

Jack Webb Schools The College Boy Barry

Damn this is good!

I am An American FIRST; Via Proud Military Mom’s Blog

I love the “We are Americans first.” Unlike our president who believes we are “citizens of the world first.”

Who the hell decides who is a “liberal”- or not? Is there a check list?

Liberal? Democrat? Lefty? Progressive? Conservative? TP’er? Ratf*&ker?

BS! I am an American FIRST!

One of my fav commenters spoke truth

Solandra: The Face Of The Green Shake Down

Even the Bush regime knew better than to enter into this scam.

Top executives from a bankrupt California solar energy company pleaded the Fifth Amendment more than a dozen times Friday in a congressional hearing that went nowhere but gave members the opportunity to pose dozens of questions about the loss of a half billion dollars in government loans.

Solyndra Inc. CEO Brian Harrison and the company’s chief financial officer, Bill Stover, had notified the House Energy and Commerce Committee they were going to invoke their Fifth Amendment right to decline to testify to avoid self-incrimination.

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From The Uppity Woman: Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox Open Thread

Posted on September 23, 2011 by ProudMilitaryMom

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons has sonnets that go with them! Who knew? Well, probably many of you really smart people. I had no idea until I went hunting for the material for this thread. Here is the sonnet

Autumn – Concerto in F MajorAllegro
The peasant celebrates with song and dance the harvest safely gathered in.
The cup of Bacchus flows freely, and many find their relief in deep slumber.

Adagio molto
The singing and the dancing die away
as cooling breezes fan the pleasant air,
inviting all to sleep
without a care.

The hunters emerge at dawn,
ready for the chase,
with horns and dogs and cries.
Their quarry flees while they give chase.
Terrified and wounded, the prey struggles on,
but, harried, dies.

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