The Manteca Bulletin And David Winegarden: Liberal Intorlerant Rag

That is right. I have noticed that blogs, which have any type of right leaning, or Christian message, are being removed, unless they are the select few. I suggest you contact their parent office in Savannah Georgia. Here is the contact link:

The Turlock Journal has refused to remove post that are direct threats towards individuals.  Kristi Massey refuses to respond. Nothing worse than liberals who don’ follow their own rules.

Wayne and Augi !, your blogs have been removed.

David Winegarden
David Winegarden

Are You Sure Hank Really Said It That Way?

You bet he did, and he should not back track one inch! Did he call Barry Hussein Hitler? did not sound like it to me, but if he did, he has the right. He said exactly what many people know; The golf match with Barry and The Boner was staged, and their should be zero comprise between liberal democrats and conservative republicans.

So this weekend every watering hole a visit, and while bbqing in  my backyard, I will make sure Hank will be playing!

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