Barry, Thugs, and Theives

Via The Rat Is Right’s blog.

I  have been tussling with the Wall Street protests.  While I like that some of the protestors correctly blame the banks for the mess we are in, most seem quite clueless as to who they want to blame and what they want to accomplish.  They just know they are mad.  And this is exactly what the Progressives have been waiting for.  Progressives like Obama, Reid & Pelosi.  Class warfare is the answer to all the progressive democrats woes.  Forget that it is Obama’s complete and utter failure to lead, his doomsday predictions about the economy right from the beginning (which is not such a good idea for a currency based not on gold, but on perception of value) and his disastrous economic policies.  The ignorant youth has heard the rallying cry of socialism.  progressives have been calling on violent protests for years.  Obama has accommodated them beautifully by wreaking havoc with the American economy and dollar.  This is right out of the Saul Alinsky book of socialist

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