Sabatino And Drake Keep Using The Misery Of Others For Their Own Gain Why?

But as we all know, there seems to be a rift between Emerson Drake and Carmen Sabatino. I wonder which cock is tooling around the other’s hen house?

These people are pathethic. It seems that Luis Elias filed a personal injury suit against the parties on behalf of his granddaughter that he was given custody of when Rita lost custody of her on the 7th of this month. It never stops! I suggest you all go out and get a JOB and support yourselves. PATHETHIC! Just disgusting!!! i dont have enough words to describe this BS…


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      Robert StanfordI think that they are inspired by the Sabatino camp – he certainly gets a lot of mileage out of this whole thing – by cow-towing to the anti-law enforcement crowd that will forego the Constitution when it serves their purpose. The Sabatino camp is the one that brought to the Elias family a lot of information that was purely false – recycled sensationalism from his pathetic radio show on the internet.

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    • Justice for Innocent Sheriff’s Detective Kari Abbey

      I can’t wrap my mind around the whole personal injury thing!?! They are suing for personal injury? On what grounds? Disgusting. Sabintino will never be a leader. He likes stepping on the constitutional rights of others way too much

Alan Keyes On Herman Cain

Dr. Keyes is one of the strongest, conservative voices in America today. I hope he can work with Mr. Cain on some of these issues.

Even in a less ominous time than that in which we live, I doubt that it would make sense to jump on the bandwagon of a candidate whose claims of adherence to the Constitution and its Declaration principles consistently prove to be poorly grounded or self-contradictory (a problem I first discussed in my WND column two weeks ago). Gale-force winds are blowing from quarters determined to bring the Constitution down. There’s good reason to believe that if we tarry much longer in this condition, they will reach hurricane strength. Herman Cain’s professed beliefs are not deeply rooted or thought through enough to stand strong against the storm. He falls far short of being the person the nation needs in the White House to help us do so.

And that’s even without considering his complicity with the Federal Reserve Bank, the key strategic instrument used by the elitist faction (including Republican practitioners of John Maynard Keynes’ variation of socialism) to usurp control of the material resources of the American people. More to come on that, though Mr. Cain’s reiterated defense of TARP (the failed 2008 bank bailout Congress approved over the sensible and widespread objections of the American people) in the last GOP so-called debate has already awakened more people to the fact that his overacted populism is just a pose. He is the candidate from the Federal Reserve Bank. He carries more water for the Bank’s manipulative oligarchs than for the grass-roots, middle-class Americans their elitist faction has systematically despoiled.

Herman Cain

Just more hatred from the left.

And the Rev. Al Sharpton – one of the most notorious race baiters of the 1980s – hypocritically charged that Cain invokes race at any chance he gets and has criticized him for not being “authentically black,” calling his politics a “joke.”

So why would African-Americans espouse so much hatred for a black man who broke through racial barriers to embody the very notion of the self-made man?

Columnist and commentator Juan Williams believes they are “threatened by the success of Herman Cain.” True as that may be, the anger of Cain’s black critics has deeper roots than mere professional jealousy

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British Police Self-Destructing

British Police Self-Destructing.

It is unusual to get to the end of one day, let alone an entire week, without reading reports of women being assaulted, men being beaten to death by packs of liberally educated “youths”,…..and then innocents of the wrong race (White), religion or class being arrested by the police on matters of utter inconsequence.


The reason for the decline of the British copper is very simple. Britain’s socialist government has converted — under the cover of multicultural compassion — what was once the Great British Police Force into one that is useless when it comes to protecting law abiding tax-payers, but highly efficient as the virtual paramilitary wing of a political movement which has ordained indigenous White and middle-class citizens to be the enemies of the socialist state.

Triple J Needs A Civics Lesson

This is via my buddy blog;

 I picked this up last week and saved it to review. Can anybody explain to me what the hell Jackson is talking about? Extraordinary Constitutional means? Obama should act without Congress? Last time I checked the Constitution divides the government into three branches. I do not recall anywhere in that document where it says the President can spend money. Congress is in rebellion? Declare a National Emergency? Hire 15 million unemployed people at +/- $40,000 a year? Bail out all the states? Bail out cities?

Based on history of Congresses that have been in rebellion in the past?

Has he lost his mind? He surely never took a Civics course.

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