Thanks Obama!

Thanks Obama!.

Thank you obama for more wars,

thank for more innocent people being murdered,

thank you for more obiminable abortions,

thank you for commiting an act of war with Mexico in your famous gun-runner program and more gruisome violence and thousands murdered,

thank you for more illegals in this country,

Thank You Modesto P.D.

This from RustyChains via the Oakdale Leader.

I can’t even imagine how hard of a job you folks must have. Dealing with raving, unpredictable lunatics, who threaten to shoot, blow up, stab, and run over you. And when some, after making threats, attempt to follow through, or acts as if they are, say “only kidding” after you rightfully defend yourselves, partners, and citizens.
Then along comes the Tuesday morning quarterback finger pointing, never wait for the facts, police are always at fualt group. The ones who usually have a criminal record and a sketchy personal history.
Again, good work MPD and to all the other local law enforcement folks.

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