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You don’t have to agree with him, but I do, at least you know where the man stands.

“Today we mourn the murder of millions of innocent lives because of the decision made 31 years ago by the United States Supreme Court to give doctors the right to end the life of an unborn child. Unbelievably, the decision of Roe v. Wade shows that our Nation still chooses to place human convenience over the sanctity of human life. No great nation can prosper when life is not valued.”

Wes Vernon: Subversion Inc. and the Occupy Wall Street movement

October 24, 2011

Subversion Inc. and the Occupy Wall Street movement
 Wes Vernon

Former FBI informant Brandon Darby says the Occupy Wall Street movement “is nothing less than a current manifestation of an international revolutionary push in which I myself used to play a significant role.”

Darby is slated to detail the real story behind the “Occupy” movement at a Thursday briefing at the National Press Club. The gathering is sponsored by America’s Survival, Inc., which has held a series of such informative sessions aimed at keeping track of all manner of subversion — in other words, doing the work that Congress should be doing.

Congress used to have committees that kept track of traitors in our midst, but post-Watergate Congresses put a stop to that because too many such investigations led to the doors of prominent leftists who favored a major party. Many of them were Fifth Amendment pleaders who refused to answer queries as to allegations of their Communist Party membership.

That of course, would be the Democrat Party which — not incidentally — also created the Ku Klux Klan, and today attempts to cover its tracks by trying to hang that albatross around the necks of anyone it doesn’t like.

None of the above is intended to absolve those Republicans who deal with these uncomfortable truths by silence or avoidance.

But we digress

There is a reason the Occupy Wall Street movement and its satellite or “loosely affiliated” groups in other cities have drawn the backing of veteran America-haters, including the Communist Party USA and the American Nazi Party.

Matthew Vadum, author of Subversion, Inc., has thoroughly exposed ACORN — a major power in the Occupy movement — as “Obama’s Red Shirts,” who are “terrorizing and ripping off American taxpayers.” In over 400 pages — nearly 50 of which are taken up with documents and footnotes — the author, a senior editor at the Capital Research Center — traces ACORN’s organization in large part to the strategic “seize power” roadmap drawn up by the revolutionary Saul Alinsky, who includes as one of his organizing heroes — Lucifer, “the very first radical.”

Not kidding

Alinsky admired Lucifer’s public relations savvy in that he rebelled so effectively against the establishment of his time “that he at least won his own kingdom.”

Alinsky quipped that “[T]hey’ll send me to hell and I’ll organize it.”

“The principles he [Alinsky] taught so thoroughly permeate ACORN to its core.” Vadum writes “that ACORN operatives refer to the Alinsky rules when planning attacks, sometimes by number.”

Among Alinsky’s “rules” is one that says that in seizing power, the ends justify the means.

All of this gives you a sketch of the mindset behind Occupy Wall Street and its carbon copies now at (or coming to) a city near you.

As for here now and future

Commenting more recently, Vadum and others have pinpointed Occupy Wall Street as led by New York’s Working Families Party (an ACORN front), SEIU, and street gang thugs from “neo-communist organizations.” Included among the latter is the National People’s Action and Democratic Socialists of America.

The noisy in-your-face protest is a common tactic going back to the sixties — a hateful era the communists, socialists, and Nazis appear hell-bent on reviving to provoke violence. Actual violence so far has been sporadic, as per a little hell-raising a couple of weeks back at the Marriott Metro Center here in Washington.

Organizers originally called the mass protest “Days of Rage,” a label originally attached to a series communist/socialist riots in Chicago, a reprise of the riots there at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. But apparently, the decision was made to give the contemporary uprising an original name.

One protester (apparently from India) at a Los Angeles gathering endorsed the guillotines of the French Revolution, adding “The bourgeoisie won’t go without violent means. Revolution!”

(That off-wIth-their-heads sentiment, as we mentioned last week, has the full-throated backing of actress Roseanne Barr.) Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore have also stopped by to encourage the revolutionaries. (The old Hollywood Ten would be jealous.)

Pro-violence academic Frances Fox Piven, in a fashion commensurate with one leading the lemmings, mouthed Marxist slogans, pausing every few seconds to allow the mob to repeat her words.

Follow the money

Earlier this month, leftist moneybags George Soros held a news conference at the United Nations and endorsed the Occupy Communists, socialists, eco-feminists, professional protesters, and other revolutionaries. Why shouldn’t he? They are the shock troops for those who want to bring down America. They provide strong-arm tactics. Soros (whose activities will be spotlighted at Thursday’s conference referenced above) supplies the financing for America’s decline.

The protests are exactly the kind of “anti-banking jihad” that ACORN’s neo-communist founder Wade Rathke has advocated.

New York Communities for Change (NYCC), another ACORN front, is among the front groups aiming for a socialist America. Its leader, longtime ACORN enforcer Jon Kest, wails about how “the big banks tanked our economy.” Ironic when one considers that ACORN played a big role in creating the “housing bubble.” ACORN in fact took the lead in pressuring Congress to enact legislation easing the way to apply political heat on the big banks (Vadum uses the term “blackmail” here) to lend money to people who obviously would not be financially able to pay it back.

Tea Party of the left?

Liberal commentators have tried to sell their readers on the idea that Occupy is a “tea party of the left.”

That’s funny. The Tea Party wants to preserve the system and work within it, and they provided some political spine to the Republicans in the 2010 elections.

Occupy, on the other hand, hates the system and wants to tear it down. Some ridicule this movement — dismissing it as a fleeting phenomenon. Jumping to that kind of conclusion is premature. These people have money behind them. Arguably — whatever they say — they are providing left-wing cover for Barack Obama, whose agenda has been heading in their political direction from Day 1.

Subversion Inc.

Again, back to Vadum’s book and a section headed “The Democracy Alliance: ACORN’s Fat Cat Friends.” The author exposes “a collection of socialist venture capitalists that funds ACORN and other left-wing groups that want to smash the American system.” The leftist blogosphere approvingly calls it “a vast Left Wing Conspiracy to rival” the conservative movement.

The book names names. Soros is there, but so are more than 100 others — people and institutions with money to burn. So you are not paranoid if you stop and ask yourself if this is the well-funded communist revolution at our doorstep. Stay tuned.

© Wes Vernon

This Guy Is Right

The Federal Reserve: Did You Know Via The Rebel

I still believe it was the folks in the fed who blew JFK’s melon off of his vine.

  • Did you know that although the Federal Reserve says, “Federal” in its name, that it is not a governmental agency? Rather, it is a bank owned & operated by private citizens (really, really, really rich ones like the Rothschild Family, the Aldrich Family, the JP Morgan Family, the Rothenberg Family & the Rockerfeller Family (yes, the senator’s family), oil sheiks, chinese businessmen, etc?)  These names are the same names you will see in the News Ownership Cartel (Rothenberg & JP Morgan), banking & wealthy corporations (Aldrich) TODAY, and which are being sinfully enriched by U.S. debt & Green Energy policies.  These names have been around since the Revolution.
  • Did you know that the founding fathers argued feverishly – Thomas Jefferson especially- about whether to have a central bank because some argued that the bank would encourage debt (their primary money-making tool) to both the country & its citizens as it had in England before our Revolution?  The Fed is the third iteration of an American Central Bank- Congress killed the other two.
  • Did you know that the Federal Reserve can tell the U.S. Mint to print more money- without the need to account to any elected representative?  And they don’t need to tell anyone how much they had printed?
  • Did you know that the Federal Reserve literally buys dollars from the U.S. Mint for only the price of paper, ink & labor (about 4 cents each) ?
  • Did you know that the last president to oppose the Federal Reserve was JFK, whos signed Executive Order 11110, which disbanded the Fed? Did you know that he died six months afterward & that his replacement, Lyndon B. Johnson threw the order out?
  • Did you know that the U.S. Congress literally borrows money (in the trillions) from the Federal Reserve (private bankers) who then charge interest for the loan?
  • Did you know that this is where so much of our taxes go- to pay these private bankers the interest we owe them? And that these private bankers can just print more and more money (or tell the U.S. Mint to do ) so that they can make more and more loans and thus collect more and more interest?
  • Did you know that the Federal Reserve (a Private Corporation) is considered tax exempt– and yet, despite all evidence to the contrary (they are free to conduct other business as well), need not provide proof of this status?  It pays zero for the billions it makes per year?
  • Did you know that no elected official, no supreme court judge, no corporation nor no U.S. citizen may know anything about the operations of the Federal Reserve?  Or how much money it has had printed? Or what its actual profits are? Even though the Chairman of the Federal Reserve is appointed by the President (why does a President have the authority to appoint the head of a private bank anyway?) It is all buddy-buddy. A president who gets along with the people at the bank can get more money loaned to them.  A president (like President Andrew Jackson) who doesn’t get along can have a Fed that pulls money from the economy, cause a recession, and blame the President’s policies.   Does this seem a conflict of interest to you? One president opposed the Feds and ended up dead & another ended up with a huge recession. But if you kneel before them, you can get lots of free money (they will just print it for you)- think Obama & quantitative easing I, II & II

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