Another Follower Of The R.O.P At Kent State: Death To Israel

Maybe Neil Young can come up with a song for this sorry excuse of a human. Critical thinking skills from 7th century goat lovers? Yeah right.

President Lester Lefton issued a statement saying Julio Pino had a right to pose a provocative question during the speech on campus Tuesday. But while it may have been Pino’s right to shout “Death to Israel,” the words are deplorable, Lefton wrote
We value critical thinking at this university and encourage students to engage with ideas that they find difficult or make them uncomfortable,” the president wrote. ” We hope that our faculty will always model how best to combine passion for one’s position with respect for those with whom we disagree. Calling for the destruction of the state from which our guest comes (as do some of our students, faculty and community members) is a grotesque failure to model these values.”

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  1. wayne2008sblogsite
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 11:13:05

    The Arab springers in America, time to deport the riff raff back to the middle east. They’re probably getting a free education paid for by Americans also. If they hate Israel they hate America also.


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