FLOTUS dines at Co Co. Sala | The Examiner | Yeas & Nays | Washington Examiner

Yup, Mammy Obama wines and dines on the finest grub, while the common folks are told what they should, or should not eat. I also would venture a bet that she ain’t winning over any of the unemployed flea bitten hippies that are now the OWS crowd.

FLOTUS dines at Co Co. Sala | The Examiner | Yeas & Nays | Washington Examiner.

First lady Michelle Obama enjoyed a lovely evening at Co Co. Sala on F Street on Monday night. A Yeas & Nays source tells us she dined with seven friends for dinner and, of course, dessert — which featured an edible chocolate sculpture and house-made artisanal chocolates by Chef Santosh Tiptur. We’re told Obama’s favorite savory was Chef Tiptur’s Moroccan Swordfish Sliders with chermoula marinade, fennel salad, aged pecorino and hazelnut coffee dressing. The restaurant owners later posted to Twitter about their excitement of having her as a guest. “It was such an honor to have first lady Michelle Obama dine at Co Co. Sala last night. What an exciting and humbling experience!”

Britons Rediscovering Themselves

Britons Rediscovering Themselves.

However, perhaps only by informing people (and thus smashing apart these ludicrous (multi-racial) fairy tales), will the inner struggle and outer national culture on the matter, change towards that of actively seeking self-preservation.

If they are told they are nothing — were nothing — have a shameful past — are the same as everybody else — all interchangeable — have no homeland — have nothing unique, etc, then in their view, why would (indigenous Brits) care, or even fight in any way against what is taking place (in their homeland)?

If we are going to set out our premise of why we nationalists hold some of the ‘tricky’ (political-incorrect) positions we do, then I think we need to have balanced tone and factual articles like this one (and the one before it) from time to time to remind us – and to inform new people who may be coming along with fresh eyes.

There is a gulf out there, it seems, between those of us who know these silly games they play, and know the real state of affairs – and those who are ignorant of them and have no understanding of why we hold some of the views we do.

Unbelievably, I still hear debates and phone-in callers going on about “hating people just because they do not look like you do” or being “ignorant” of different races and cultures and religions and “ignorant” of our so-called ‘mongrel’ ”nation-of-immigrants”.

Herman Cain’s Latest Accuser: Chicken Head Of The Week Is In It For The Cash

Just check out Ginger White’s financial problems, and history of sexual harassment claims. It is amazing how fast some folks are to throw the rope of guilt around Mr. Cain’s neck, who is a self-made, highly educated man with a track record of success, but are as quick to believe all of the women who have zero proof of the claims they make against him! If the press treated everyone equally, president Barry would still be a second-rate senator in Chicago.

Ginger White, who claimed in an interview with Atlanta Fox News affiliate WAGA to have had a 13-year-affair with Cain, has liens and civil judgments in Kentucky and Georgia dating back to 1994.

Eleven of those liens have been filed since 2009, with nine in 2011. The owners of her apartment complex in Dunwoody, Georgia have sued her for non-payment of rent nearly every month since the beginning of the year.

White, a 46-year-old unemployed single mother who is at least twice divorced, was described by WAGA as an Atlanta-area businesswoman. While living in Louisville, Kentucky, she worked at Recruitment Plus, LLC. According to WAGA, she filed a sex harassment claim against an employer ten years ago, and the case was settled. The station also found a bankruptcy filing from the late 1980s. ws

A Message From Mr. Cain

Dear Patriots and Supporters,

As you probably heard yesterday, a troubled Atlanta business woman used national media outlets to promulgate a fabricated, unsubstantiated story about a 13 year affair with me. I am writing you today to assure you that this woman’s story is completely false.

I do know Ms. White. I have helped her financially at times over the past few years, just as I have helped many friends and acquaintances throughout the years. I thought Ms. White was a friend in need of a supportive hand to better her life.

Ms. White has made it apparent that she was abusing the friendship.

But now I am asking for your friendship. I am also asking for your prayers and support. This is a trying time for my family, my campaign, and for me. It is also a trying time for our country as we are all distracted from the truly important issues facing our nation.

This evening I have an important speaking engagement at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan, where I will be outlining my foreign policy and national security plan. While recent events have taken a toll on me, the people in the audience this evening will not know it. I will deliver my message with vigor and enthusiasm.

Let me assure you, I am not deterred. America’s future is too important. We will continue on this journey to make America great once again.

Thank you and God bless.


Herman Cain

Poison Usually Comes In The Sweetest Fruit

Poison Usually Comes In The Sweetest Fruit.

And often it is only those that know the taste that can detect it! Or why Democrats probably will continue to vote for those that only abuse them! Sound strange? Think that it doesn’t make sense? Think again and ask anyone that has been abused why they stay with their abuser!

Who Is The Real Herman Cain?

I know I have questioned his ties to the Federal Reserve and Anti-Christ Kissenger, but what about the latest lady to come out of the cheap seats and claim they had a 14 year affair? Herman denies it, but of course, all the media, the dems, and libs, have already found him guilty.

I will take him at his word, until it is proven that he did have an affair with this lady. If he lied, then, that is a deal breaker for me personaly. But the fact remains, that Bill Clinton, had women who coulld prove that he had affairs with him, and at least one, was raped. So why the free pass for Bubba, and the lynching for Herman? If true, Herman broke no laws, and was actually behaving in an acceptable way in the eyes of liberals every where.

I believe this is nothing more than an attempt from the RHINO’s and the DNC to discredit a candidate that would make it ver difficult for Barry Hussein to attack. Herman is black, and Barry could not go to the race card. Herman could not be labeled “not qualified” due to his lack of experience, because Barry was lacking too.

I believe Barry’s handlers want him to run against a guy like Newt: He has a lot of baggage that is public, and Barry could focus on that, instead of his record over the past four years.

The folks that are getting the raw end of this deal is the American Conservative Christian voters.

S. 1867: They Are Here!

Here you go fake conservatives and real liberals. Your governemt will now have the ability to suspend your constitutional rights. Suspend? No, I was wrong, take away is more like it.

The Senate is set to vote on a bill today that would define the whole of the United States as a “battlefield” and allow the U.S. Military to arrest American citizens in their own back yard without charge or trial.

“The Senate is going to vote on whether Congress will give this president—and every future president — the power to order the military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial civilians anywhere in the world. The power is so broad that even U.S. citizens could be swept up by the military and the military could be used far from any battlefield, even within the United States itself,” writes Chris Anders of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office.

Under the ‘worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial’ provision of S.1867, the National Defense Authorization Act bill, which is set to be up for a vote on the Senate floor this week, the legislation will “basically say in law for the first time that the homeland is part of the battlefield,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who supports the bill.

Crimes Of The Times

Crimes Of The Times.

In a sane society, the newspaper of record [NYT] would be frowning upon the exhibition of such alien and morally questionable behaviour. But precisely because of propaganda machines like the NYT, this is not a a sane society; this is a society where — up is down — left is right – right is wrong – and down is up.

Third-Worlders and their primitive religions will be boosted and uplifted at all costs. Meanwhile, anything [of] Western [values] or tradition(s) will be relentlessly lambasted, mocked, and sneered at.

The Queen Bee Is Flying Away!

Good bye Barny Frank. You were a tool that was used in creating the housing industy’s blow up, you were an immoral, repulsive man through out your career. Good by and so long you moron.

Is Cain Just Another Potential Globalist’s Puppet?

Why would Herman even talk to a globalist peice of crap like Kissenger? Henry is part of the NWO machine, and has been for decades. Herman is either ignorant, or he is attempting to fool the conservative voters.
Sensing that many voters might not like the idea of Kissinger serving in a Cain administration, his spokesman later said Cain didn’t actually ask Kissinger, reports Yahoo News. J.D. Gordon said his boss was sleep deprived during the interview with the Milwaukee newspaper.

Despite the flip-flop and lame excuse, Cain and Kissinger have met frequently in the past to talk foreign policy. Cain has listed Kissinger is one of his key foreign policy influences.


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