James Rockford’s Words Of Wisdom To A Liberal

Punks, Slobs, And Chumps

Since moving from the small town of Turlock, to the much larger city of Modesto, I have come to realize that; Some people are just plain jack-asses. Over the past few weeks I have had a constant dumping of Jack-In The Box trash left along my fence line. I have also had to deal with several folks who thought it was o.k. to kick my chain-link fence and yell profanities, and one threat to shoot, at my dogs.
But unlike my neighbors, whom are very pleasant, I have confronted a few of these punks, slobs, and chumps. Something that more of us should be willing to do. Remember, we have the right to bare arms on our own property at all times. And that means carrying a weapon that is “hot.” One of these guys actually took the time to engage in a rational conversation with me. I asked him why does he take issue with a dog, that is in her own yard, barking at him? He mentioned that if the dog was not fenced, it would attack him. My response was “so what?” After a few more minutes we introduced ourselves properly, and there were not any more issues.
As for the punk who threatened to “shoot” my dogs? I told him I would shoot him before he could even squeeze a round off! The proof of what I would do was in holstered on my belt. The guy no longer passes through our neighborhood.
This is what needs to be done more often. Stop relying on the police so much, and instead “American Up” and handle your own business whenever possible. Your neighbors will thank you!

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