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CARMEN SABATINO’S MORNING MAYOR SHOW DISRUPTED !. Thu, 11/03/2011 – 12:32 — wayne2008
NOVEMBER 3, 2011.

MODESTO – At around 10:30 this morning during the taping of the Morning Mayor on the BlogTalkRadio Show with Modesto City Council Candidate Carmen Sabatino as the host. Former Voice of Modesto reporter and writer Emerson Drake who was invited previously by Sabatino showed up, as the conversation progressed Emerson Drake requested for the 390 stories he had written for the Voice of Modesto to be taken down.

Carmen Sabatino then asked Brian Dubois a candidate for the Modesto City School District to make sure that happens…Dubois and Drake then began talking about the technicalities in moderating the now defunct Swarm blogging site which is an addition to the Voice of Modesto website, Sabatino then told Emerson Drake to leave an argument ensued. At this point the listeners to the Morning Mayor Show could then hear an argument in the background between Sabatino and Drake then someone said call the police. The sounds of things being tossed around and more noises which sounded like shuffling could be heard.

The audience in the chat room then began discussing Emerson Drakes involvement with the Voice of Modesto and how was the only good writer the Voice of Modesto had and everything fell apart after Emerson Drake was replaced as both the Co-Host of the Morning Mayor Show and as a writer for the Voice of Modesto.

The Morning Mayor Show then continued after Emerson Drake had left the building, Athens Abell another candidate for a local school district then arrived, the show then discussed Dave Lopez who is a Modesto City Council member and Carmen Sabatino’s opponent in the current election. With out notice the plug was pulled on the audio, Athens Abell was speaking to the audience trying to see if they could hear anything. With about 15 minutes of the show left nothing could be heard and the bloggers were being kicked out of the chat room as was I for asking that Carmen Sabatino bring back Jenny as the Co-host of the Morning Mayor show.

It is unknown if the police arrived at that point, this is a developing story and you will be updated.

This episode can be heard at the Blog Talk Radio website for The Morning mayor Carmen Sabatino.


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