End of White America

End of White America.

In three weeks of my radio-TV tour to promote “The Suicide of a Superpower,” no question has occurred more often than one about the chapter “The End of White America.” 
Invariably, the question boils down to this: Why should we care if White Americans become a minority? 
America (interviewers remind me) assimilated the immigrants of a century ago—Italians, Poles, Jews, Slavs—and we can do the same with (NON-white) peoples from the 3rd World.

And perhaps they are right. […] Yet there are reasons to worry.
First, the great American Melting Pot has been rejected by our elites as cultural genocide, in favor of a multiculturalism that is failing in Europe.
Second, what we are attempting has no precedent in human history.
We are attempting to convert a republic, European and Christian in its origins and character, into an egalitarian democracy of all the races, religions, cultures and tribes of planet Earth.

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  1. wayne2008sblogsite
    Nov 14, 2011 @ 11:54:06

    The United States population by race still remains 74% white. The American Indians were already here so America was not a newly discovered land it had already been discovered. Spain was the first Europeans to establish colonies in North America not the English and Dutch. America has always been a nation of different cultures melting together. Just my take on this, and the British were the ones that brought the slaves over to North America not Spain.


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