Rex 84

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Rex 84
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Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was a secretive “scenario and drill”, developed by the United States federal government to suspend the United States Constitution, declare martial law, place military commanders in charge of state and local governments, and detain large numbers of American citizens who are deemed to be “national security threats”, in the event that the President declares a “State of Domestic National Emergency”. The plan allegedly states that events that might cause such a declaration would be widespread U.S. opposition to a U.S. military invasion abroad, such as if the United States were to directly invade Central America.[1][2][3][4][5][6] To combat what the government perceived as “subversive activities”, the plan also authorized the military to direct ordered movements of civilian populations at state and regional levels.[7]


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  1. wayne2008sblogsite
    Nov 14, 2011 @ 16:09:57

    NorCom, has 20,000 soldiers from the Army on standby 24/7 to invade the US if necessary. Last week we had seen a National Emergency test, it failed. This is just the beginning of the enabling act. We lose all of our rights and liberties. In 1933-1973 our US Constitution was suspended our government overthrown at the same time The Wiemar Republic of Germany was overthrown. It was all planned out just as Obama getting elected. The Central bankers are behind all of this.


  2. samiam60
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 17:20:35

    Nice site you have here my friend. I tweet every time I visit and have found Twitter to be an excellent source for getting the message out and putting a blog on the map.


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