Golf Courses Advisory Committee Member George Maudlin: Disgrace To Modesto Golfers

Why and how was George Franci Maudlin chosen for this panel? He has a proven track record of verbally attacking local residents. I have posted many of his comments that use vile and disgusting language. I encourage those who live in the area to contact Julie Hannon, and let her know this man is not good for the local golfing community.

Staff Contact: Julie Hannon, Director, PR&N
Staff Email:
Staff Phone: (209) 577-5346

Hey Mrs. Shannon, are you proud of your panel member?
The words of George Francis Maudlin:
I was a Social Worker in Cps Fresno County for ten years

“moron”. Top that. I served as lead Court Worker for half the time and worked as lead Emergency Response Social Worker for the other half. If you were not the “dusty” you are Heaton and could have had children, most probably I would have made a call on you Comrade Dunce. Same goes for you “no balls”. Yes, that means you CuriousObserver. I view you CuriousObserver, as being so plastic, you have the word “mattel” stamped on your ass. I would not trust you over 3 feet in a business situation. Thats how dishonest and without direction you really are. In short, you are a frickin spoiled idiot, trying to carry on your worth with the view of money placed in everyone’s face. I don’t bite on that B/S “deficient” person. I on the other hand you fools,… have served honorably in the Marine Corps and hold an honorable discharge, have been voted into the Fresno Baseball Hall of Fame, came from a home whereas my father was raised in an orphanage and reached grade level 3, and a mother whom reached grade level 7 and I now hold onto an AA degree in Business Administration and BS degree in Social Work.
So don’t try to tell me how much of a “hot shit” both of you are. You couldn’t keep up with me for over five minutes. That goes for the both of you mouthy losers.

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  1. augustinehippo1
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 10:41:37

    I agree John, this guy is a threat to public safety. His bouts of drunkeness are legendary and his abuse of decent people is a scandal. I will email this lady and express my outrage.


    • The Conservative Hill Billy
      Nov 18, 2011 @ 11:29:38

      If George would just act like a normal person, I would not be asking for people to contact the board. I also coach here at the high school, and we play once a season at Muni. This is not the type of guy we need advising anythig involving youth sports.


  2. curiousobserver95356
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 12:13:55

    Let’s not forget his insinuation that I wasn’t the father of my own daughter, in other words that my wife was sleeping around. What a disgrace to Modesto.


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