Cross raised on Marine base might come down (via Zionica)

This is bullshit. These Marines are not the federal government forcing religion on the masses. They are honoring their fallen brother. Screw these atheist. They are not being harmed, and their rights are not being violated in anyway!

Cross raised on Marine base might come down (via Zionica).

The Marine Corps said Monday it is reviewing whether to remove a cross placed on a Camp Pendleton hilltop earlier this month by Marines honoring four comrades killed in Iraq.

The review came after an atheist group argued that the cross on government land violates the separation of church and state.

Barack Obama: Killing The Elderly via Obamacare

Barack Obama: Killing The Elderly via Obamacare.

My friends, once again we find that the Obama administration is more interested in finding ways to kill the elderly off than it is in taking care of people. We find that the death panels that Sarah Palin pointed out and the Obama administration denied, are very real and very determined to kill off the elderly.

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