Join me in being thankful

This is a response I wrote to Annie at her Lupus Chronicles blog.

Annie, I will do that! In my opinion, too many people take their illnesses as a complete negative, when often so much good comes from them. My uncle died of a rare form of cancer, yet never once complained. He only spoke of the “good run” he had. My dad died from cancer, but always said he knew the risk of beer and smokes. He owned his own business, and lived his life on his own terms. I was blessed to meet some really good friends who were doing charity work with Hospice. After my pop went belly up, they invited me to a Lion’s club meeting, and the rest is history. I have held every office in the club, except for treasurer. So while we may be sad, or angry at first, God’s plans always get in our way!

Join me in being thankful.

So, as you gather together to give thanks for the good times, for at least one day, relinquish the ‘not-so-good’ times. After today, try to go forward with a renewed sense of ‘life is as good as you make it.’

Happy Dog-Giving

As happy as a dog on this day! There are two more doggie additions, photos on the way!

PJTV – Another Day, Another Downgrade? Super Committee Fails to Fix Budget Deficit – Front Page with Allen Barton

Was there any doubt that the Super would describe the failure of this group? This was nothing more than a distraction. They sat behind those closed doors and laughed their ass’s off how they are able to fool enough voters into thinking that they give a rat’s ass about them.

PJTV – Another Day, Another Downgrade? Super Committee Fails to Fix Budget Deficit – Front Page with Allen Barton.

Black Friday? Now It Is Gray Thursday

So much for the Christmas shopping season starting on Black Friday. It is now Gray Thursday. Stores are advertising sales starting on Thursday evening. I figure at this pace, the day after Christmas will be official start to the Christmas season. Hey, I wish all the best to any business trying to make a buck. They provide jobs for folks, and plenty of whining for said employees about how long the Christmas shopping season is!

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