We Miss You Marty

Guys like Marty Robbins “are” country music. I wish there were artist like this still on the radio.

Follow Up: What Albums Do You Listen To Know?

Thank goodness my taste have changed. It is nothing but Classic Country and Retro 80’s for me. From George Jones to Howard Jones. From Conway, and Elvis, to Deepche Mode and Duran Duran. You never know what will be playing in this Hillbilly’s garage at 11pm. It depends on how deep into the beer cooler I have traveled!

What albums did you listen to the most while growing up?

Al right, just trying out this feature provided by WordPress.
Albums? I was in junior high during the late 70′ so I had Beatle albums.I did not realize at the time that it was drug induced hippy music. Then again, it is hard to find a band, or artist, that was not drug induced!

CINO’s Are More Of A Threat Than Liberals To America

CINO: Conservatives In Name Only, is a much more accurate description for the folks that falsely claim to be either conservatives, or conservative republicans, or both. They often talk, and act conservative while running for elections, or even blogging. But once they are elected, or think certain folks are not paying attention, they slip off their boxers, and put on their lace moderate liberal panties. These are the worst type of people. They boast how they love freedom, low taxes, and small government, yet they are often willing to bend over and take a big dose of “compromise” up their poop shoot, thus screwing true American conservatives.
So I say thanks to all the CINO’s at every level. Bush sr., Bush jr., McCain, Bohner.
And a bit closer to home, I would like to throw a shout out to our resident CINO, and wussy, Bull_153, or should I say Ron? Yes Bull, you are as bad as the above ass-clowns. I see you had some unkind words for me over at The Manstinkla Bulletin. You are not even man enough to let me know about this. I was tipped off by a retired Army friend of mine who post under the name of generallee. You are truly a worthless piece of crap, sans balls.

Here is what Ron the wussy did not have the balls to post where he knew I would see it:
“The ‘Conservativehillbilly’ site is just one of hundreds of extremist radical disinformation sites. There are those who will buy into that garbage, but anyone with an ounce of reason will see it for what it is… trash.

Eisenhower did warn of the military industrial complex and what may happen, much of it has. But REX84 is not one of them, and only exists in demented and deranged minds…


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